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This product has been discontinued, and the remaining stock will be liquidated. Take 30% off all liquidation products under Powder City's Partial Liquidation Sale. 30% off discount has already been applied to the price shown.

The primary benefit of using veggie capsules as a delivery method for supplements is that they provide an odor and flavor barrier for the less than palatable supplements. Veggie capsules also provide you with the option of making your own custom blends instead of having to measure out individual doses of bulk powder every day. Making your own custom mix of your favorite brand or blend is also an excellent way to save yourself some money.

Furthermore, veggie caps take into account the needs of vegetarians, vegans, and individuals with religious preferences against the standard gelatin capsule option, which are derived from animal products. Plus, for some people, veggie capsules are easier to digest than their gelatin counterparts.

These particular capsules are size #0, so they hold anywhere from 400-800mg of bulk supplement powder. If you need instruction on how to make your own supplement capsules and blends, check out our blog post here.

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