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Vegetarian Capsule Benefits


Taking multiple supplements in their powder form can be difficult and time consuming. Carrying multiple bags or tubs and all the corresponding scoops can take up a lot of space when traveling. Encapsulating your powders makes supplementing easier and more portable.

Also, these capsules can hold 0.9-1.2g of bulk powder so those using multiple supplements or building stacks can fit more than one supplement per capsule.

Masking the Taste of Bulk Powders

There are some supplements out there that are very hard to swallow even when mixed in a beverage of your choice. Taste sometimes stops us from taking our supplements even though we find them extremely beneficial and effective. Capping your supplements eliminates having to taste the actual supplement.

Veggie Capsules are not derived from animal products

Aside from meeting the needs of vegans and vegetarians, some find veggie capsules easier to digest.

Encapsulation Instructions

Check out our capsule filling guide for more information.

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