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DHEA Defined

DHEA is naturally produced by the body through the breakdown of cholesterol. [2, 5] Minute amounts of DHEA are naturally found in wild yams and soy.

DHEA Benefits

DHEA has shown it can promote lean mass and cognitive health.*

While healthy hormone levels promotes lean mass, DHEA may promote “muscle pump.”* [2]

Lean Mass

For those who are dieting, this supplement may make sticking to your diet easier, as its conjugate form, DHEAS (which is also produced naturally), aids in sending satiety signals from your stomach to your brain.* [3]


Dopamine, known as the “reward neurotransmitter”, also plays a role in memory and attention span. Due to its properties, DHEA has been associated with supplemented dopamine synthesis and release. [1] These dopaminergic pathways may further allow DHEA to support mood, energy, and boost an overall sense of well-being.[4]

DHEA Dosage

The suggested dosage of DHEA is 25-50mg. If taking 50mg it is recommended to divide into two 25mg doses at separate times (3 red microscoops).

Curated Reviews

“I use 50mg dose 2-3 times per day and before the workouts, oral and sub-lingual. The sub-lingual administration works fast. The effects are consistent even after about 2 weeks usage; increased self-confidence, goal-seeking behavior, calmness and (side effect?) seriousness. I don’t know if it is affecting testosterone but I guess these are also some signs of increased testosterone. I’ve tried also other similar things: l-dopa, catuaba, tribulus, longjack but none of them have such profound effect. Taking before workout is great since it helps to concentrate on the task. However, it is certainly not a supplement to take before going out. At least for me, it makes me hard having fun. There are some studies showing DHEA alleviates depression, this I can confirm as well (increases self-confidence). It may also increase sex drive, but since I take other supplements as well I am not sure what exactly works the most.” – No Name

“I purchased this product as I was looking for a powdered version of DHEA, and have bought from Powder City for the excellent quality and price point, especially on their powders. The supplied measurer/dispenser is easy to use. The taste of the powder is essentially neutral and odorless. Physical effects? Currently I have been using 50 mg daily balanced out with using Powder City Saw Palmetto powder. I have not had any noticeable effects, but I was not expecting any short term. It may be the mode of delivery (applying sublingually) as general oral DHEA is metabolized quickly via the liver. Summary: Powder City is usually the first company I check out when I am considering purchasing nootropics or performance herbals.” – Roger K

“The quality of this DHEA and any other products I buy from Powder City are always excellent quality. I just started using the DHEA a few days ago, but I think I am starting to feel a noticeable increase in energy and confidence. I am sure once it builds up in my system I will feel a bigger difference. I had to increase the dosage to 50mg twice a day, because at the recommended dosage I just didn’t feel anything at all. PC is my go to source for any supplements or Nootropics.” – Phillip M.


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