Dendrobium Extract 20:1 (Discontinued)

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What Is Dendrobium?

Dendrobium is actually a huge genus of flowers, the Dendrobium orchids. There are actually about 1,200 different species known as Dendrobium orchid flowers, and their extract is also used as a supplement. Most of the current supply is taken from the Dendrobium nobile plant, which is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a therapeutic for nourishing the stomach, reducing fever, and promoting the secretion of saliva [1]. 

Today, Dendrobium extract is found in a number of sports supplements. Mainly as a pre-workout aid to boost energy and performance. In fact, many experts predict that this supplement might become one of the next replacements for the stimulant DMAA which is being targeted by the FDA [1].

Dendrobium Supplement Benefits

Dendrobium extract is an effective pre-workout supplement. This is currently being used by athletes from weight lifters and body builders to runners and cyclists. One of the best things about this supplement is that it does not restrict blood flow, which is oftentimes a side effect of many pre-workout formulations (especially those which contain caffeine).

Dendrobium Dosage

While it's hard to determine the recommended dose of Dendrobium at this point. Based on clinical studies, the most common dose would be 2 grams (4 rounded 1/8th tsps) [2].

Dendrobium Supplement Sources


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