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D-Ribose Supplements

D-Ribose is a supplement that seems to have been taking the world by storm. It is touted as a supplement capable of feats from fighting fatigue to protecting your heart and even helping to extend your life. But what of this is actually true?

What Is D-Ribose Powder?

D-Ribose powder (or really any type of Ribose) is a special type of sugar that is naturally produced by the body. It has also been used to help improve athletic performance, the symptoms of chronic fatigue disorder, and a number of heart issues [1]. A number of these conditions may have their origin in an energy crisis and D-Ribose, as a supplement, may help to increase the entire energy production cycle. In fact, some researchers even consider trying to increase your overall energy levels without using a D-Ribose supplement as like trying to start a fire without using any kindling [1, 2].

D-Ribose Benefits

The improved blood pumping effect of D-Ribose also improves overall heart function and circulation. More blood is delivered to the skeletal muscles which will lead to less soreness and fatigue that might otherwise result from exercise and physical activity [3].

Exercise Enhancement

The main benefit of D-Ribose Bulk Powder is in the production of ATP, which is the most direct and essential form of energy within the human body. This supplement has also been shown to help deal with symptoms that would normally result from the lack of energy. These can include cramping and stiffness (especially after exercise) [2].

This supplement as a whole is able to increase overall physical functioning. This includes an increased tolerance for exercise, and even benefits to the heart [2]. Researchers now feel that this supplement also plays a critical role in helping to rejuvenate and improve heart function, especially in individuals with a history of heart problems. It is also able to protect heart muscle function and helps fight off chronic fatigue syndrome [3].

D-Ribose Dosage

The basic dosage of D-Ribose Bulk Powder for everyday use is around 5 grams. This can be taken all at once, or spread out over several equal administrations (likely more effective when spread out). Athletes and those engaged in serious physical activity would do well to take between 10 and 15 grams per day, with at least some of this used before and after your workout routine [3].


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