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Creatine occurs in the body during periods of physical exertion to aid in cellular energy. Foods containing creatine include meat, eggs, and fish, but it is best to use a supplement for maximum benefits since a large amount of these foods would need to be consumed.

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder

The process of micronization breaks the supplement down into smaller particles. This process makes the supplement easier to absorb and utilize within the body.

Creatine Benefits

Lean Muscle

One of the most prominent benefits of this product is strength gains. [1,2] Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in bodybuilding and has been for years.

Creatine is able to supplement these strength gains because it promotes the release of creatine phosphate. The muscles rely on this to produce ADP (adenosine diphosphate) which handles fueling ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is responsible for fueling working muscles. [3]

Creatine also causes muscles to retain water. Cellular dehydration can cause a loss in power and endurance. Muscles require water in order to metabolize protein. Adequate protein metabolism means the body will fend off catabolism. Protein metabolism is also crucial for adequate muscular health. [4]

High Intensity Exercise

This supplement is not only for weight lifters. Those who participate in aerobic exercise and endurance related sports can also experience the benefits. Due to this performance enhancers ability to fuel ATP, athletes who participate in sports like tennis, swimming, and sprinting experience increased muscle energy. [5]


Using this powder may reduce muscular fatigue time after intense exercise. With recovery time reduced, athletes will be able to experience longer and more frequent workouts. [6,7]

Nootropic Benefits


Creatine monohydrate supplementation shows promise in improving mood. [8,9]


Though known for its ability to increase muscle energy, creatine also supplements high-energy phosphate concentrations in the brain. [10,11]

Dosage Instructions

Start with a loading phase of 20g per day for 7 days. Remember to split the 20 grams into separate dosages to avoid negative gastrointestinal side effects. Following the loading phase, continue taking 5g of creatine once daily pre or post workout.

Synonyms: N-Carbamimidoyl-N-methylglycine, Methylguanidoacetic acid, Creatine mono

Curated Reviews

“Best Creatine I’ve purchased, and at the best price. Took it with a week-long loading phase of 20 grams a day, and now I’m taking maintenance dosing at 5 grams a day in the morning. Typical mild strength and energy during workouts as well as bolstered mental ability in regards to dealing with problem solving and task management. If you’re familiar with what to expect from creatine supplementation, then Powder City creatine is everything you’re looking for at a price that can’t be beat. Bundled together with lightning fast shipping and incredibly supportive customer service, I can’t imagine purchasing my supplements from anywhere other than” – Corey L

“This is the best creatine monohydrate powder I have ever bought. I used to use the ON Nutrition brand but it was like sand in your mouth when you drink it with water. This has much better texture – similar to powdered sugar so you won’t feel like you have sand in your mouth. Great product and service. Also timely delivery. I am currently using Powder City’s piracetam, theanine, and creatine, among other miscellaneous things (precision scale, round containers, etc.). This place just became my one-stop shop for my supplements. Great job guys.” – Amer M

“This was my first product from Powder City, and I gotta say I was impressed. The bag (1kg) is a large, no-nonsense package with 2 Powder city labels on it. The creatine dissolves quickly with water and I’ve noticed improvements in my energy levels since I’ve taken it. It has no flavor, so 2 scoops in my morning shake works great without affecting the taste. After this I bought a bunch more products from Powder City and I have nothing but great reviews. Thanks again and I’ll be buying more products soon.” – Eric S

“I have been a loyal Now Sports creatine monohydrate user for years with great results, but I decided to give this a try because of the low price. Very impressed. This is pure micronized creatine monohydrate. I was about 6 weeks off of creatine when I decided to buy this. When it came in I loaded with 20 grams a days for 4 days and continued to maintain since with 1 heaping teaspoon everyday (probably 6 to 8 grams). I just dump it into my mouth chase it with some water or iced tea. It passes the gym test as well as any name brand creatine I have ever used. Now Sports, AST, Prolad, Primaforce, you name it. My muscular endurance is better, recovery if faster, soreness is decreased, and weights are going up. 2 thumbs up from me!!!” – Christopher P



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