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Citric Acid Powder: More than Just a Flavoring Agent

Citric acid is well known as a natural component of many citrus fruits. However, many people might be surprised to realize that supplementation with citric acid can help keep them healthy and performing more efficiently on a number of levels.

What is Citric Acid?

Citric acid is a weak organic acid that occurs naturally in many types of citrus fruits. It is also a natural preservative and is used to add an acidic or sour taste to foods and soft drinks. It is also used as a binding and chelating agent in many minerals and metals[1].

This substance also easily mixes with liquids and in used in a multitude of different preparations. A number of different vitamins, such as C, use citric acid in their mixtures[2].

Since citric acid is also a natural substance, it may be taken internally. In addition to a flavoring agent, many professional cooks keep this substance on hand. It is useful for adding a bit of sour flavor to even out an overly sweet taste[1].

Citric Acid Benefits


There are a number of commercial benefits of citric acid. These mainly center on adding flavor to candy, soft drinks and other foods as a natural additive. The supplement can also be used as a cleaner, and helps to kill bacteria, remove rust, calcium, dirt and soap scum. It is also useful for removing mildew and destroying viruses[3].

Health Benefits

Citric acid is also great for internal use. It influences a positive mood and also helps maintain energy levels, especially in people involved with physical activity and hard work. The acid also helps to metabolize food within the digestive process. It works by specifically by aiding in the metabolization of carbohydrates. [3].

Citric Acid Powder Dosage

The recommended dosage of a citric acid supplement is 500mg two times per day with meals or as a flavoring agent. 


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