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What is Cissus Quadrangularis?

Cissus — also known as Bone Setter due to its bone health promoting properties — belongs to the grape family and has a history of therapeutic use in India, growing indigenously there and also in Sri Lanka, Africa, and Thailand. [1] The main active ingredients in cissus are ketosteroids and freidelin, which are forms of triterpenes. [1, 2] Triterpenes are a class of chemical compounds composed of three terpene units — the primary constituents of essential oils of many flowers and plants.

Cissus Quadrangularis Capsules vs. Powder

Cissus capsules and powder both offer the same great benefits, but there are several advantages to choosing capsules over powder. Capsules allow accurate doses to be consumed without the need to measure using a scale. They also offer a way to consume the supplement without having to experience the often unpleasant taste. Capsules are also incredibly convenient and can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Cissus Benefits

Cardiovascular Health

Cissus can reduce total cholesterol as well as low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. [3] LDL cholesterol is also known as ‘the bad cholesterol’ because it accumulates in the walls of your blood vessels where it can cause blockages, which can cause heart complications. Cissus also provides minor protective effects to the endothelium — tissue that lines the interior surface of blood and lymphatic vessels. [4]

Body Composition

Improving body composition is another area that a cissus supplement can help. One study found that people who took cissus experienced a significant drop in weight over the course of 6 weeks compared to those who did not take cissus — a 4% greater drop. [3] Another study found that cissus significantly improved body composition over the course of 10 weeks. [7]

Physical Activity

Taking cissus can raise levels of creatine in the body. [3] Creatine promotes muscle growth and strength gain. Cissus is also a great supplement to take after an intense workout to help relieve aches and soreness. One study found that taking cissus over the course of 8 weeks improved joint comfort in healthy men by 31%. [5]

Joint & Bone Health

Cissus is also sometimes referred to as Bone Setter because it can improve bone health by promoting the formation of fibroblasts, chondroblasts, and osteoblasts — cells that are involved in the growth and formation of bone and cartilage. [6] A rat study found that cissus supplementation prevented loss of bone strength and prevented up to 86% of losses in bone thickness. [8]

Cissus Side Effects

Side effects include headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, dry mouth, and intestinal gas.

Cissus Quadrangularis Dosage

The recommended dosage is 500-1000mg daily.



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