The Capsule Machine (Discontinued)

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A capsule filler is included in this kit so we are unable to ship internationally due to legal limitations. All Capsule Machine international orders will be refunded for this product. The rest of the order will ship.

The Capsule Machine

The Capsule Machine allows you to use your own fresh, quality ingredients in creating your own custom formulated capsules. It provides an easy way to create your own capsules at home. It has the capability to fill up to 24 capsules in as little as 2 minutes. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules.

The Capsule Machine – Directions

  1. Place the larger piece of The Capsule Machine, which is the base, on a closed stand. Place on flat bowl or plate.
  2. Separate capsule. Push longer part, open end up, into base, and shorter part into the cover.
  3. Pour approximately 1 tbsp of powder into the base and sweep the included card over holes, to fill them. In order to maximize quality, use the included tamper to compact powder, and then fill base again.
  4. Place cover on base, and remove The Capsule Machine from stand. Put The Capsule Machine on flat surface and press down with even pressure until bottomed out.
  5. Remove cover. Filled capsules should be in the cover. Depress top cover evenly on both sides to eject filled capsules.

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