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For Capsule Sizes 00 and 0.

Tamper Sold Separately

The tamper is used to pack the supplement powder tightly into the capsules. A tamper is a great tool to use if using supplements that require higher dosages or mixing multiple powders in one capsule. The tamper comes in two sizes that correspond with the Cap-M-Quik filler variants. Select the tamper size that matches your chosen capsule filler from the drop down list above.

Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filling Machine

The Cap-M-Quik capsule filler allows you to transform your bulk powders into easy to use capsules. You can fill your capsules with any supplement powder, oils, and more to make your own custom blend or supplement stack.

The main benefit of this capsule filler is the money you save. Traditional pre-filled supplement capsules cost significantly more than their bulk powder counterparts due to the extra labor involved. This cost can be avoided by doing the capping yourself. Plus, if you travel frequently, capsules are much more convenient than bulk powders.

Another great benefit to capping your own supplement powders is avoiding the bitter taste of many bulk powders, nootropics in particular. When you cap your own supplements, you also know exactly what is going into your capsules, so you don't need to worry about additional fillers. 

Cap-M-Quik Benefit Overview

  • Provides a 100% guarantee of what supplements are in your capsules
  • Saves you money by making your own capsules
  • Removes unpleasant supplement powder taste
  • Very easy to use
  • Fills 50 capsules in approximately 15 minutes
  • Capsules are easier to use when traveling
  • Cap-M-Quik is dishwasher safe

How to Use the Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler

This capsule filler is incredibly easy to use. If you need instructions on how to use this product or how to make complex blends, check out our detailed walk through here (picture tutorial included).

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