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About Beta Alanine Powder

  • Supplements athletic performance and recovery from exercise*
  • Promotes muscular endurance and anaerobic running capacity*
  • Includes 1.25cc scoop for easy dosing
  • Comes in re-sealable bag to maintain freshness
  • Tested for purity

Most workout supplements focus on people who are just entering the world of exercise. Many long time lifters don’t really get much out of the more popular pre-workout supplements, and people who are new to exercise usually don’t get great effects from their pre-workout shake for long.

That’s where Beta Alanine comes in. With the promise of improving athletic performance even for the advanced, Beta Alanine is proving to be a new staple in the supplement cabinet.

What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a non-essential (meaning it is made inside the human body) amino acid which is now being used to supplement athletic performance and recovery. Shown to aid in reducing and delaying muscle fatigue, Beta Alanine is typically in pre-workout stacks featuring other components.* [1]

While it is popular in the weight lifting community, Beta Alanine also demonstrates an ability to assist in anaerobic running when taken regularly.* [1]

The effects of Beta Alanine are not only established, but quite significant. One meta-analysis of Beta Alanine suggested that the effect of Beta Alanine could have taken the last place runner in the 2008 Beijing Olympics’ 1,500 m run to a bronze medal position. [2]

Beta Alanine supplement has been shown to be the rate-limiting factor when it comes to producing carnosine. [2] By supplementing the levels of Beta Alanine in the body beyond what the body itself can produce, you can promote muscle carnosine synthesis.* [1]

The longer you take Beta Alanine, the more and more it supplements carnosine levels which, in turn, promotes athletic performance.* [1]

Beta Alanine Benefits

Muscle carnosine is implicated in increased muscle buffering capacity and a decrease in hydrogen ions, which would account for the improvement in running performance associated with Beta Alanine supplementation. [1] When these hydrogen ions build up, the pH level of the muscle falls, and this interferes with many metabolic processes required for muscle movement.* [2]

There is also some evidence that Beta Alanine might work as an cellular health supplement, a helpful, sacrificial peptide, or a calcium sensitivity booster in contractile fibers.* [3]

Beta Alanine Supplements Benefit Anaerobic Performance [4]

As a precursor to carnosine, Beta Alanine is able to delay muscle fatigue and enhance power output. This directly translates to improved athletic performance.*

One randomized, double blind trial studied the effects of Beta Alanine supplementation on trained, competitively active cyclists.*

Prior to starting the trial, researchers established a baseline for all participants by testing them on three parameters: lactate levels, heart rate, and rating of perceived exertion (RPE). Each participant was then put through two trials, one with a placebo and one with 1.6g of Beta Alanine.

Thirty minutes after supplementation, the participants completed three repeated cycling tests.


During each test, researchers measured fatigue, mean power, and peak power. After each test and active rest period, researchers measured lactate, heart rate, and RPE.

Of these three parameters, RPE saw a significant reduction after Beta Alanine supplementation despite a similar power output and fatigue level.

This study is significant, since a reduction in perceived exertion can benefit athletes during training and competitions.

RPE is a measurement of how hard you feel your body is working. Once you learn how your body feels in various levels of exercise intensity, you can begin to modulate your pace and strength output.

Supplementation with Beta Alanine reduces RPE. With proper training, athletes can increase their speed and power output without having to consciously put more effort into the exercise.

While any statistically significant results would be noteworthy, the fact that the study participants were trained athletes is striking. Additionally, the participants achieved these results with an acute dosage, meaning the effects were immediate rather than requiring a long loading phase.

Competitive athletes train hard on a regular basis; improvement in performance is often a time consuming process with slow gains. A substantial reduction in RPE can reduce this lengthy development, allowing for an amplified athletic performance in less time.

Beta-Alanine Dosage

Beta Alanine has shown to improve its effect the longer you use it. [1] For this reason it is often “loaded,” and not necessarily taken only before a workout.

Most of the studies involved participants taking a 2 gram dosage of Beta Alanine daily (in 800-2000mg doses) to decrease muscle fatigue and increase the body’s responses to intense exercise.* [2,3]

Curated Reviews

“I had always searched for a high amount of Beta-Alanine in my pre-workouts to give me that tingling sensation and help with endurance by delaying lactic acid build-up. Getting it from here and essentially making my own has been way more fun and I feel better since I know how much is going in to it. Amazing product for anyone that is looking for fitness endurance.”– Jordan C.

“I’ll admit, I was really iffy buying from this at this price. Thought it was too good to be true. After a month of being on the boat and researching, reading reviews I decided to give it a shot. Having bought Beta Alanine in the past I knew what I was expecting. Powder looks like Beta Alanine and has the crystal like consistency of it as well. Noticed the tingles at 2g! Which means no filler! Pure stuff! Got the order within a week as well! Highly recommend!”– Hamza Q.

“Beta Alanine is great…this combined with Agmatine Sulphate are a great pre-workout combination that will have you pumped up like a balloon..For me, Beta Alanine kicks in within 10-15 minutes as my head begins to get the tingling and itchy feeling which means it’s working..after that subsides and you get into your workout you will look up and notice 30-45 minutes have flown by and you will be able to workout out harder for longer.”– Ross P.

“I feel the paresthesia at only 0.8g. At 2g, the sensation is rather intense. This is as I expected, based on what I’ve read online. I have not used it enough yet to know exactly how well it works for me, but there is one side effect some people may want to be aware of. I am a person who has trouble falling/staying asleep. This suppliment if taken close to bed-time seems to dramatically increase sleep onset latency. For that reason I now avoid taking in the evening, and reserve its use as a pre-workout. Take my advice, don’t take this on its own with an empty stomach. Those sizzles are intense. I mix mine with a custom pre with protein carbs etc and it mellows the flush. Because of the potential for competition with taurine, I supplement with taurine as well (it is probably wise not to take these two in combination, as they antagonize eachother).”– Noah J.

“I love being able to buy in bulk save me alot of money, I use Beta Alanine combined with Agmatine Sulphate for a great pre-workout combination to workout out harder for longer., Beta Alanine kicks in within 10-15 minutes I get the tingling and itchy feeling. I like that it does not make me jittery or nervous.”– Matthew A.

“If I could only afford 3 supplements Beta Alanine would one of them. This supplement takes 2-4 weeks to build up in your system but when it does, your rest times between sets easily cuts in half. It’s amazing. Powder City is great blessing to the body building community. They have saved me thousands or more like it afforded me the possibility to afford the supplements I want and some times need for that extra 1 or 2% of growth. Thank you.”– Nathan D.

“Fast shipping and a great value! I add this to my own pre workout and it helps decrease fatigue, makes workouts feel easier, and increase intensity. I mix it with a water enhancer and haven’t noticed any strong taste. Also mixes pretty easy.
My pre workout:
2g Beta Alanine
1g Taurine
6g Creatine Mono
350mg NALT
200mg L-Theanine
10mg Noopept
120mg Caffeine”

“This is an awesome product and truly, I began to experience results in the gym almost immediately. I’m 64 years old and have been consistently working out 5 days per week for quite a while (years), so believe me, I can recognize almost any change in my workouts. I now stack this with L-Citruline Malate, Creatine HCL and L-Arginine. I love the pins and needles feeling it gives you about 5 minutes after you take it. It’s like I’ve lit a fuse and I’m getting ready to rocket into the gym! Give this stuff a try!”– Tim H.


  1. “Ingesting A Pre-Workout Supplement Containing Caffeine, B-Vitamins, Amino Acids, Creatine, And Beta-Alanine Before Exercise Delays Fatigue While Improving Reaction Time And Muscular Endurance.” Nutrition and Metabolism 9.1 (2012): 28-36. Academic Search Elite. Web. 8 Sept. 2012.

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