Berberine Supplement

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Note: Berberine Powder is incredibly bitter and can potentially stain yellow. Use caution when handling.

Source: Phellodendron amurense bark

What is Berberine?

Berberine is an alkaloid found in several different plants and has been used in Traditional Chinese remedies and Ayurveda — a system of healing developed in India 5,000 years ago — for its cardiovascular benefits. Some of these plant families include Berberidaceae, Raununculaceae, Menispermaceae, and Rutaceae.

By itself, Berberine has poor bioavailability [2]. However, taking this supplement alongside Milk Thistle can improve its absorption to a dramatic degree.

It can benefit digestive health as well [1]. Most of the plant sources containing Berberine have traditional supplementing digestion.*

Berberine Benefits

Berberine has a wide variety of benefits. While most individuals take it for supplementing cognition and heart health.*

Berberine is effective in helping individuals manage their body composition.*

Berberine and Cognition

Berberine can supplement Long-term potentiation (LTP) [3]. LTP is when the synapses in your brain continue to strengthen based on recent neural activity. LTP is considered vital for memory and learning [4].*

Berberine and Mood

Early animal trials show that berberine may also have a positive effect on healthy mood.*

Typical Dosage

The standard dosage is 900 mg daily, divided into three even doses of 300mg. Individuals should take this supplement with a meal.



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