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What is Astaxanthin?

Who would have thought that the pigment that gives lobsters their notorious red color could be the key to health and longevity? This red pigment is Astaxanthin, and it's in the carotenoid family, alongside beta-carotene and Vitamin-A.

However, unlike beta-carotene, astaxanthin delivers its benefits without converting to vitamin-A; reducing the risk of side effects associated with consuming too much Vitamin-A. The structure of this carotenoid lends itself to more cellular health potential than other carotenoids and pro-vitamin A structures.*

Astaxanthin Beadlets

Astaxanthin is found primarily in aquatic animals, but can be extracted from algae as well. The astaxanthin we use is extracted from a micro-algae known as haematococcus pluvialis, which allows us to give you the most bioavailable, pure, and consistent form of astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is very sensitive to heat, light and oxidation. To ensure potency of this product our astaxanthin is micro encapsulated with fish gelatin. These micro capsules, or beadlets, provide protection from environmental conditions.

Astaxanthin Benefits

This extract is the most powerful cellular health supplements available. [1] Astaxanthin also has many supplemental benefits, including heart, eye, skin and cognitive health.*

Astaxanthin Supplement Performance Benefits

What if the same compound that can improve your cardiovascular health could also improve your performance at the gym, school, and work? By promoting the health of your circulatory system, astaxanthin makes it easier to get those skin-stretching pumps.* One study noted that those who consumed astaxanthin vs. placebo improved their performance markers 6x faster. [2]

Astaxanthin Dosage

The recommended dosage of astaxanthin beadlets is 400mg which contains 10mg of astaxanthin.



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