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What is Artichoke Extract?

Artichokes have a long history of aiding digestion dating back to the Roman Empire.* More recent evidence has unearthed a number of additional benefits that extend beyond the digestive tract. While simply eating artichokes will provide some benefits, direct supplementation is more effective. This is because extracts are able to isolate the compound known as cynarin, which ensures consistency in potency and efficacy.

Artichoke Extract Benefits

Artichoke leaves provide the highest amount of cynarins and other beneficial cellular health compounds such as luteolin and cholorogenic acids. These compounds promote the healthy stimulation of the digestive process.* [1]

This extract also has cellular health properties superior to that of rosemary and dandelion root. [2] In fact, artichoke has one of the highest recorded cellular health contents among vegetables. [3] As a cellular health supplement, this extract can aid in maintaining the health of your hair by protecting it from damage by UV rays.* [4]

Artichoke Extract and Coleus Forskolii

When taken together, these two supplements provide several nootropic benefits, including improved memory retention as well as increased focus and attention span.* Artichoke also helps to digest Coleus Forskolii , which in turn speeds up and enhances its effects.

Artichoke Extract Dosage

A standard artichoke extract dosage with a 5% concentration of cynarin is 500mg, or one rounded 1/8 tsp. However, dosages used in studies varied depending upon the health goal.



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