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Syononyms: ALA, thioctic acid, 1,2-dithiolane-3-pentanoic acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) Defined

Alpha Lipoic Acid, also referred to as ALA, is a fatty acid that promotes energy metabolism at the cellular level found in meat and vegetables.* Supplementation is the best way to consume ALA to achieve the true benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid. As a supplement, ALA is water-soluble even though it is a fatty acid.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement Benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a unique supplement that provides an array of benefits. ALA is popular among individuals following a body composition program, individuals who participate in bodybuilding, and those seeking to supplement health and wellness.

Cellular Health

Alpha Lipoic Acid serves as a potent cellular health supplement, as it promotes glutathione levels in the blood. [1] Therefore, it supplements immune system function. [1,2] Glutathione promotes healthy T-Cells which are the body’s natural defense.* [3]

Nootropic Benefits

Cellular health supplements are a popular method to promote immune system function; however, they are also beneficial for healthy cognition.*

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements and Exercise

One of the main reasons athletes choose to supplement with ALA is because it relieves post-workout soreness and fatigue. [4] ALA also promotes creatine uptake in the muscles.* Creatine is a staple among athletes for muscle growth, recovery, and endurance. ALA combined with a creatine supplement will yield greater results.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplement Dosage

The recommended dosage of ALA is 1 capsule (300mg) once daily.



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