9x12" Top Fill Zip Seal Foil Stand Up Bags

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If you're serious about your health or fitness, you're buying supplements. And if you're serious about getting high-quality supplements at the best prices, you're buying in bulk. Don't risk storing your bulk supplements in a flimsy plastic bag! 9x12 Top Fill Zip Seal Foil Stand Up Bags are the best way to keep your supplements safe and fresh. A larger version of our 6x9" stand up bags, these are the perfect solution for the daily supplement user. The sturdy bag construction keeps it sitting proudly on the shelf without the risk of spillage and the high-quality foil is a barrier against any outside substance that may interfere with your supplements.

Use 9x12 Top Fill Zip Seal Foil Stand Up Bags for:

  • Bulk storage. Our largest supplement storage bags make it easy to buy and store huge quantities of supplements at a time.
  • Custom stacks. Packaging your own bulk supplement stacks is easier with large storage options.
  • Ultimate supplement protection. Moisture, light, air and any other outside substances can create clumpy and possibly ineffective supplement mixtures. The foil and zip seal meet USDA and FDA food-grade storage standards and offer superior protection against any outside substance.

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