6×9″ Top Fill Zip Seal Foil Stand Up Bags

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Like buying supplements in bulk? Bulk supplements are the most economical and practical way to make an investment in proper nutrition for cognitive, physical, and overall health. These 6×9″ top fill zip seal stand up bags will make it easier to store and protect your bulk supplements. The foil packaging keeps them safe from the environment and the strong zip is a superior moisture and air locking seal.

Top Fill Zip Seal Stand Up Bags Are Ideal for:

  • Bulk Supplement storage. The wide base keeps your bags steady on the shelf and safe from spilling over.
  • Powdered supplement mixes. Making your own powder supplement stack? Keep it easily packaged up all together!
  • Moisture protection. The smallest bit of water can cause clumping and may even affect the effectiveness of your supplements. Don’t risk it.
  • Light protection. Keep your supplements safe from light and even some heat with the thick foil packaging.
  • Continued freshness. The zip seal will lock out air and moisture to keep your supplements fresh for months at a time.
  • Safe storage. All bag materials meet USDA and FDA guidelines.

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