You’re Using Stevia, Right?

You’re Using Stevia, Right?

We all know by now that sugar is both bad for you and addictive. But this is not about giving up sweet things, or any of that nonsense. Sugar is bad for you, yes, but you can easily replace it with Stevia. Trust me: your sweet tooth won’t even notice.

That Nasty Culprit: Sugar 

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First, if you still don’t believe me or modern science/nutrition; Sugar is REALLY bad for you. Scientific studies solidly link sugar consumption to heart disease, cancer, obesity, addictive behavior…want me to continue? 

This is even true if you exercise excessively. There are marathon runners who’ve been struck down by a heart attack at too young an age due to a poor diet. Don’t let this be you!

Read Nutrition Labels

My suggestion is to examine any nutritional label prior to buying any product. You might think your sports drinks, protein shakes, and juices are healthy, but more often than not they are loaded with unadvertised amounts of sugar. Why? Because sugar tastes good, so it makes you more likely to like it and buy more.

Since hearing this, I have been sure to turn the joke around on them, by scrutinizing every label I come across prior to letting that substance enter my body. Got high-fructose corn syrup in it? I’ll leave that on the shelf for some other sucker.

Stevia: A Superior Alternative to Artificial Sugars

Artificial sweeteners are better than sugar, but they’re not ideal. Studies have pointed out potential health risks, and more research needs to be done to confirm or deny their safety. This is where Stevia comes in, for when you can’t give up that sweet taste but don’t want to face the negativity usually associated with it.

I guarantee you, Stevia is your ideal sweetener choice. It’s all-natural, zero-calorie, and proven to be safe over and over again with decades of scientific research. It’s been widely used for centuries in South America and for decades in Japan. Many, including myself, use Stevia as a means of masking the bitter taste associated with bulk powder supplements.

In addition, Stevia is actually 100 times sweeter than sugar! This means you only need small quantities of it making it inexpensive as well.

Think of all of the possible health benefits as the zero calorie, all natural icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, you can use Stevia to replace sugar anywhere you want: I put it in coffee, tea, all sorts of supplement mixes and cooking and baking, too. Stevia is one of those all-too-rare supplements that are good for your health and actually taste good, too.

Honestly, my stack is pretty serious, but this is the supplement I find myself using above all others.