Work It Out: A Week of Exercise Routines

Work It Out: A Week of Exercise Routines

Need a workout for today or just burnt out on your normal routines? Give these a try! We’ve also included some supplement suggestions to help you kick start your weight loss journey. Want more crossfit? Here is a complete list of crossfit workouts.

Suggested supplements

Need help deciding which supplements to help you power through your workouts and shred fat? Look no further, we have some great options just for you!

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a great option when you need an energy boost during your workouts. Plus, they have the added benefit of helping you burn fat as well. Because this supplement is an excellent source of chlorogenic acid, it can help reduce glucose spikes after you eat meals. Chlorogenic acid is also able to metabolize fat quickly making this an all around great addition to your workout regimen.

Creatine HCL not only helps you build muscle faster, it is also much more bioavailable than other forms of creatine. This means you will need a smaller dosage, making this creatine type much easier to use. Creatine HCL works by increasing your body’s supply of ATP, which is your muscles’ primary source of fuel. More fuel means a much more intense workout, so stock up on your Creatine HCL today!

5-HTP is well known for the ability to improve sleep quality, but did you know they curb carbohydrate cravings? Anyone who has ever been on a diet has felt that urge to cheat, but with  5-HTP  you will be able to stay on track and control your appetite. Get your supply 5-HTP today!

Man Up Monday

5 pull ups
10 toes to bar
20 dips
30 sit ups*

AMRAP 20 minutes

*Alternative: Do weighted sit ups for more of a challenge

Tone Up Tuesday

15 Bridge Scissor crunches (each side)
30 lunges
15 lying side tricep press ups (each side)
30 squats
15 side plank sweep through (each side)
30 floor switch kicks

Repeat 3 times

Work it Out Wednesday

Run 800m

3 rounds:

10 tuck jumps
10 burpees
10 squat jumps
10 high knees
10 lunge jumps

Run 800m

Throw Down Thursday


1 mile run
50 pull ups
100 push ups
150 squats
1 mile run

Partition the pull ups, push ups, and squats as needed.

Get Fit Friday

butt and gut WOD

Check back next week for a whole new set of WODs!

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