Which Racetams Are Right For You?

Which Racetams Are Right For You?

Piracetam is widely recognized as the most classic of all cognitive enhancers, and if you hadn’t already heard of it, you have now. You may not have heard of piracetam’s equally attractive classmates in the racetam class of supplements: aniracetam, oxiracetam and pramiracetam. At least two of these cognitive enhancers have your name on them (I’ll get to why first) but which ones?

So why try the racetams? Well, I’ll tell you what my personal racetam stack does for me.

  1. Attention pickup artists and salespeople: spoken communication that flows like water. Yes, this improves my game.
  2. Attention students and lifelong learners: learning ability as smooth as my augmented game. I have no problem focusing on and recalling whatever I want to know or train.

I also notice milder, but still useful, improvements in motivation and mood. Others report clearer thinking, boosted creativity, increased intelligence and a host of other benefits. The most fascinating thing about the racetams is that they affect different people positively in so many different ways. For some they’re a subtle but appreciated addition to their stacks; for others they’re life-changing. So how to choose between them?


Pros: This is the most scientifically studied and least expensive racetam. Piracetam also has the advantage of being water-soluble, so there’s no need to take it with food: just a full glass of a beverage like water or fruit juice.

Cons: Piracetam is also the least potent racetam, and the taste is bitter, albeit fixable with stevia or monk fruit.


Pros: This is ten times stronger than piracetam, and it works well in combination with the other racetams in a synergistic effect.

Cons: Aniracetam is slightly more expensive than piracetam, it has the same bitter taste and it often takes weeks for the full effects to manifest, so be patient with it. This is also fat-soluble, meaning that it’s important to take it with a meal as well as a beverage. Be sure to include essential fatty acids (EFAs) like fish oil or flax seed oil with this meal for a synergistic effect with the aniracetam. EFAs are also extraordinarily well-researched and useful for health reasons.


Pros: It’s five times stronger than piracetam, it actually tastes good (slightly sweet) and it can bring strong positive effects if the other racetams don’t, as many people respond diferently to different racetams. Oxiracetam is also water-soluble.

Cons: This is slightly more expensive than piracetam, as well as being less studied.


Pro: This is fifteen times stronger than piracetam, and it can bring interesting positive effects that differ from those of other racetams, such as acting as a stimulant. Pramiracetam is also synergistic with EFAs.

Cons: Pramiracetam is several times more expensive than piracetam and the other racetams, it’s less studied and it also has that same bitter taste. It’s also fat-soluble.


It’s important to note that it’s absolutely necessary to take choline along with the racetams: skipping it would be like buying a car but refusing to gas it up. You need choline for the racetams to work properly. Alpha-GPC is the most bioavailable choline supplement. Don’t worry: choline doesn’t cost much, and it’s also good for you in other ways.

I recommend taking the racetam class as soon as you feel like enhancing your cognition, with piracetam and aniracetam, which stack oh so well, as the two essential requirements. Oxiracetam and pramiracetam are more advanced, but equally interesting, and if you want to go all the way, pick up the whole class as soon as you can. Be prepared for positive changes that are difficult to predict. Ultimately, no one can be told what the racetams will do for you. You have to try them for yourself.