Week 3: Sweat it Out

Week 3: Sweat it Out

Keep on keeping on with week 3’s workouts! If you’re just starting, you can find week one here and week two here. As always, we’ve provided supplement suggestions for you that promote maximum weight loss and enhanced performance! Find a complete index of crossfit workouts here.

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Man Up Monday

Repeat 3-5X

20 squats
20 skaters
20 plié squats
20 side lunges (each leg)
20 donkey kicks (each leg)
20 fire hydrants (each leg)
20 jump squats
20 jump lunges
20 bridge lifts
20 switch kicks

Tone Up Tuesday


10 incline push ups
10 tricep dips
10 pike press
15 sit ups
15 scissor kicks
15 side plank sweep through (both sides)
15 leg lifts
10-15 military press
10-15 lateral raises
10-15 upright rows
10-15 front raises
10-15 shrugs

Repeat 3X

Work it Out Wednesday

16 minute tabata – 4 minute rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Round 1:
Plank jacks

Round 2:
Jump lunge
Mountain climbers

Round 3:
Push ups

Round 4
Jumping jacks
Alternating backward lunge


Throw Down Thursday

Lazy Day Workout


Video Games

Loading Screen = 10 x Push Ups 

Your Character Dies = 10 Sit Ups

Cutscene = Calf Raises for the Duration


TV Time

Show Begins = 15 Tricep Dips

Commercial 1 = 20s Plank, 10 secs rest (for duration)

Commercial 2 = 20s Calf Raises, 10s rest (for duration)

Commercial 3 = 20s Push Ups, 10s rest (for duration)

Show Ends = 30 Squats


It’s the 4th of July, so you probably don’t have fitness on the agenda for today. But instead of sitting on your keister and watching it grow horizontally, try to fit in this lazy day workout!

Get Fit Friday

crossfit light 500 rep challenge

Check back next week for more WODs!

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