Vitamin C and CoQ10—A Powerful Team For Your Health

Vitamin C and CoQ10—A Powerful Team For Your Health

Vitamin C and CoQ10 for heart health

Vitamin C and Co-Enzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) have been shown by more and more research as some of the most vital elements for your heart health. Not only that, but these supplements are also very beneficial to your health in general. Some studies even indicate that vitamin C can help to reverse years of accumulated damage.

Low levels of CoQ10 has also been shown to be a significant mortality predictor, especially in the case of patients with existing heart problems. The bottom line is that both of these supplements should be part of your regular routine. 

Vitamin C Supplements and The Heart

We have known for a long time that vitamin C is beneficial in defending against the common cold and there is even some evidence to support that it helps maintain general health and well-being. It has also been recently discovered that this vitamin plays an important role in promoting heart health. Some of the new evidence includes increasing capillary strength, repairing red blood cells, inhibiting blood clotting, and reducing cholesterol and fat levels.

Ultimately, vitamin C is probably something everyone should take, even as a simple precautionary measure. It can help to clean plaque from your arteries and increases the production of collagen, elastin and other reinforcement molecules within your blood cells. These help to increase the strength and stability of blood vessels. Without the proper support (or a lack of vitamin C) blood vessels can form cracks and lesions on their walls, which are then fortified by arterial plaque.

CoQ10 and Your Health

This enzyme has a number of special roles within the body. One of these is assisting in the formation of ATP, which is essential for providing cellular energy. Another function is to act as an anti-oxidant, helping to prevent free radical damage within the body. Interestingly enough, vitamin C is also vital to help synthesize CoQ10, making them much more effective when taken together. 

For people with heart issues, CoQ10 can be a life saver. Anyone who is currently taking statin drugs should be aware that these can literally strip your body of CoQ10, so additional supplementation is essential.

The benefits of both vitamin C and CoQ10 are quite extensive. Better still, taking them together has been show to have a synergistic effect. If you are interested in reversing previous heart or health damage or just looking for a preventive measure, seriously consider adding both of these supplements to your routine.


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