VigorsRX Versus Pro Player Elite: The Battle For Male Enhancement

VigorsRX Versus Pro Player Elite: The Battle For Male Enhancement

vigorsRX vs/ pro player eliteTwo of the most helpful and well-known male enhancement products continue to be Pro Player Elite and, more recently, VigorsRX.

Both of these male enhancement supplements contain a number of similar ingredients and both are very effective, but is one decidedly better than the other? What exactly does each of them offer? Finally, should someone interested in all-natural male enhancement products see benefits from stacking both of these together?

VigorsRX Evaluation

This supplement has been designed to increase levels of testosterone using only all-natural ingredients. These include Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, and L-Arginine, among others. While the specific formulation is a proprietary blend, this supplement does increase testosterone levels. This in and of itself can lead to benefits like improved mood, lower levels of body fat, and a decreased risk of degenerative cognitive disorders.

Hormone levels are also balanced with this product. This is accomplished through the nourishment and stimulation of the endocrine system, with hormone regulation a primary effect. There is even some evidence to support the idea of this supplement being an adaptogenic. In other words, it will target and work to support anything that is currently out of balance.

Pro Player Elite Evaluation

The Pro Player Elite supplement actually includes a number of the same ingredients, although the formulation is decidedly different. User reports indicate that one of the primary effects is an increased libido. It also includes zinc oxide which may actually enhance this increased libido effect.

Blood flow is also enhanced with this product. This is due to the Maca Root and L-Arginine. These ingredients both help to support increased blood flow, particularly to the extremities. Many users also report an increase in energy and endurance both in and out of the bedroom.

Head To Head

Both supplements seem to be fairly similar, producing a number of the same effects such as increased libido, enhanced blood flow, and more sexual vigor, energy, and endurance. However, both of these do have different formulations, so they may work slightly differently in each user. At this time there are really no studies which compare them side by side.

It is also unclear whether or not they would have a synergistic effect if taken together as a sort of super male enhancement stack. Anyone considering this would probably be best served by picking one supplement to try first. Give it a fair trial, since it can take up to 2 weeks for these ingredients to build up within the system. Then possibly a short layoff and switch to the other. Only at that point would stacking the two together make for a useful experiment.