Time for a Reboot

Time for a Reboot

My antibiotics finished up this past weekend, and while my body feels a little week from all the health issues I had last month, I feel like I’m on the right track back to normalcy.  What does that mean?  It means I’m ready to kick some a$$ and take some names for this New Years ReVolution.  I have to give Aaron a run for his money, after all.

To start, I need to continue adjusting my diet to where it needs to be.  Between the holiday parties and barely eating while sick, my metabolism is out of whack for certain.  Before all of this, I was eating 5 meals a day on a high protein/low-carb diet and was doing great.  

But there are two other factors I was neglecting that are just as important to my health.  I need to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and I need to drink plenty of water each day.  I’m doing pretty good on the sleep front right now, and my boyfriend has been very supportive, especially now that we share the same schedule.

The “not drinking enough fluids” part contributed largely to my health issues last month, so that’s my biggest focus along with a good balanced paleo-centric diet.

While I am working on that, I have to remedy the biggest cause of stagnancy in my plans, not enough exercise.  I have not been able to exercise at all due to being sick and/or in the hospital.  That changed this week, starting on Monday where as soon as I got home I was able to get in my first workout since falling ill. 

I tried out my new punching bag, and boy did it feel great!  I didn’t realize how much of a workout this was, and could feel myself getting winded once I started really throwing some punches.  My boyfriend says I have some power punches, but need to work on my speed, so that will be an upcoming focus as well. 

Last night I did a light jog and tonight will likely be on the punching bag again to allow my legs time to rest.  I wasn’t able to jog as long as I had been because it had been a length of time since I went jogging, but I hope to build up my stamina again and work on getting back into shape.

I’m always amazed at how much people (myself included) dread working out but love how we feel after we do.  Our health is the only thing we have that actually helps define who we are as human beings, you’d think it would be a little higher on the priority list.  Nothing else matters if you don’t have your health.

My favorite quote of all time, whether it’s about health or finances or what-have-you is: “If you want [email protected] to change you gotta change [email protected]” – Me 🙂

You can’t keep doing what you did before and expect that things will magically change.  I learned that the hard way and it cost me much of my early adult life until I reached that big 437 pounds.  I had to change in order to change.  You are what you eat, and I was what I had been eating and putting into my body.  I was lazy because I was lazy, and I was unhealthy because I was living unhealthily.

Never Give Up!

But no more.  I will never be that person again because I made the decision not to be and I’ve come this far (200+ pounds lost) and I am not giving up.  So join me and we can reach our goals together with proper diet, exercise, and supplementation.