The Most Expensive Products are Not Always the Best

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The Most Expensive Products are Not Always the Best

When it comes to supplements, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality available. However, this does not always mean the most expensive option. When shopping for other consumables, individuals often compare prices. Some gravitate toward a branded product because they assume it is better. If it is a better quality product, then they are willing to pay more for it. Even so, a brand name does not always equate to a superior product.

Bulk Powder vs Brands

Part of the cost you pay for a branded product comes from the packaging. You are paying for fancy labels and containers. Powder City is able to keep costs down by removing this element of production. By reducing flashy, useless aspects of product packaging, we are able to offer our products for less and transfer those savings to the customer.

Athletes, experts, and other famous individuals often endorse products to boost that supplement’s popularity. Any company that offers an endorsed product has to pay the endorsee. This is a steep fee that the company transfers to you, the customer. We believe in the quality of our products. As such, we do not waste money on unnecessary and often misleading advertising. Instead, we focus on the purity of our products to ensure you receive the best benefits at the best price.

Another way we are able to keep costs down is via economies of scale. By purchasing large quantities from suppliers, we are able to lock in better prices. Because we are able to secure supplements in bulk for less, we are able to offer the products at a lower rate.

Third Party Testing

To ensure you receive the best quality products, we adhere to a strict Quality Control Process. When we receive products, we hold them in quarantine until a third party tests them. During this phase, the products undergo a series of tests. You can learn more about these specific tests here.

After testing, the product returns to us. If it passes the third party tests, then it moves on to in-house testing. This two-fold process helps guarantee the highest quality product. Supplements go through one last inspection and review before we release them to the public.

We also include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that provides a summary of these tests and their results. Not all labs allow us to post their COAs to product pages for security and privacy reasons. However, you can always request a third party COA and we will supply it.

This rigorous process allows us to ensure our products efficacy and quality. This helps us build trust and provide peace of mind to our customers. It also saves us from potential headaches and costly problems that arise from inferior quality control processes. 

Smart packaging choices, purchasing in bulk, and adhering to strict quality control standards allows us to provide our customers with superior supplements at a fantastic rate. Customers should always feel secure in the knowledge that the supplement they are taking is of the highest quality without draining their bank account to obtain it.