Synergistic Combinations Using Piperine

Synergistic Combinations Using Piperine

Many people love adding pepper to their food. Freshly crushed black pepper can make any meal taste delicious, and interestingly enough, black pepper can also increase the effectiveness of many supplements. If you take Curcumin or CoQ10 (Coenzyme 10), you may notice that they generally include an ingredient called BioPerine or piperine.

What is Piperine?

Black pepper has this particular molecule known as piperine which inhibits certain enzymes. These enzymes can break down beneficial aspects of your supplement, but by using Piperine, the bioavailability of the other supplements increases dramatically.

For example, if you take resveratrol, you might consider buying standalone piperine because there are studies showing resveratrol to be more readily absorbed by the body with piperine. [1]

Curcumin doesn’t do much on its own because the enzymes in the body catabolize most of it and it’s not used by the body. Because this is a known fact, suppliers often include piperine so your body will use curcumin more efficiently. 

Don’t think that adding some black pepper to your dinner will be enough though. If you do the research, you might find that a significant amount of piperine might be required to make your supplement more effective. However, it is often included in supplements if there is a perceived benefit by stacking with piperine.

Users should supplement slowly at first as the enzymes piperine inhibits are naturally produced and necessary, so outright eliminating them could have harmful effects.

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