Synephrine HCL for Fat Loss

Synephrine HCL for Fat Loss

Losing weight, more specifically body fat, is often described as the hardest simple thing you’ll ever do. Surely you know the basic formula is for the amount of energy your body takes in to be less than the energy your body puts out.

When you take in more energy in the forms of calories, especially quickly burned calories like sugars, than you exert, the energy is stored in the body as fat. When the opposite is true and you exert more calories than you take in, your body use stored fat for fuel.

synephrine hcl for fat lossThere are countless diet and exercise programs that promise to help you lose your extra fat in a very short period of time. But, as anyone that’s attempted this kind of change can tell you, no matter how simple it is, losing fat is not always that easy.

Sometimes no matter how strict you are with your diet and exercise, there are things you feel you can’t control like your appetite or energy levels. These make the process seem even longer. Synephrine HCL is a supplement often used to help you overcome those exact challenges. It’s a fat burner that helps control your appetite, gives you energy and makes your progress more efficient.

What is Synephrine HCL?

Synerphrine is a natural, plant-based substance that is used for weight loss. Synephrine is often derived from bitter orange, a citrus fruit. It became popular and safer alternative to ephedrine following ephedrine’s ban or restriction in many countries.

The substitution of ephedra for synephrine was logical in many cases since they work the same way in the body, but unlike ephedra, synephrine has a scientific study to confirm its safety [1]. There are varying levels of extracts, so be sure to look for a high quality 99% extract. Users typically take a dosage of 10-20mg three times daily for maximum benefits.

How it Works: Synephrine Side Effects and Benefits

Have you ever seen someone that seems naturally skinny no matter what? They may just have a fast metabolism. Metabolism is the body’s process of burning fuel (food or fat). The speed of your metabolism is also called the metabolic rate. Synephrine works by increasing your metabolic rate, so you burn fuel faster [2].

When you burn fuel faster, your body will reach into stored fat to get more. The stimulating effect of synephrine has other benefits as well. For one, you may feel a decrease in appetite. So when lunchtime comes around, you can eat your veggies without feeling compelled to head to the snack machine in a couple hours. Synephrine also provides an energy boost. This can be useful when you incorporate a strict diet and need to have energy to exercise.

Synephrine also works synergistically with other parts of a fat loss plan. As you shift from eating unhealthy foods to healthy food, your body will begin to naturally burn fat. And when you exercise, you’re using up fuel from your body. Biologically, synephrine helps each of these operate more efficiently. And mentally, synephrine makes it easier for you to get over plateaus in your weight loss.



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