Supplements for Women

Supplements for Women

Overcoming the Stereotype

women fitness and supplementsSupplements are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle, for both men and women! (CC BY 2.0)

As a woman, I know it can be difficult to even begin understanding supplements and the benefits or side effects they can have on your body.

Over the years I have experimented with various supplements including pre-workouts, multivitamins, and proteins, and I have discovered what works best for me.

Various supplements impact people differently, but listed below are the ones I believe are most beneficial to women.

A Weight Loss Supplement Suggestion

What woman wouldn’t kill to drop a few pounds? With the holidays quickly approaching, you might want to consider incorporating Green Coffee Bean Extract into your diet. Not only will Green Coffee Bean Extract jump start your weight loss, but it also has long term benefits as well.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is high in caffeine. However, it is far different from drinking a cup of coffee. Green Coffee Bean Extract maintains many of the compounds that are destroyed in the process of roasting the beans to make coffee.

I recommend using this supplement in small doses at first, especially if your body is not used to caffeine. If you rarely drink caffeinated beverages, start with a small dose and build up to more frequent doses. If you are an avid coffee and soda drinker, your body will be able to handle higher dosages from the start.

How About a Workout Boost?

The next supplement I’d like to talk about is a pre-workout called Creatine HCL.

Women using Creatine has become a controversial topic. Some argue that incorporating Creatine in a workout has no specific benefits for women. In fact, in some cases using Creatine may make a woman feel bloated. Creatine HCL does not have the same side effects has basic creatine monohydrate.

Creatine hydrochloride does not cause water retention and does not have to be cycled. When supplementing with this creatine you do not have to take nearly as much to experience the benefits and no loading phase is required.

I personally believe that incorporating Creatine into my diet has benefitted me because of its ability to increase muscle mass and improve workout performance. When I use Creatine HCL (Hydrochloride), I feel more energized, thus allowing me to have longer, harder workouts. I also believe that this supplement is either a hit or miss and that you won’t really know how your body will react to it until you try it out. 

Keep in Mind

These are just a few of the supplements that I use daily, and there truly is a world of options out there.

healthy diet
It is vital to any supplement regimen’s success, to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

That being said, never be afraid to give a supplement a try, just because it is primarily used by men. Whatever works for males can have the same effect for women, and can/will be just as beneficial to any workout routine or diet plan.

Remember though, these supplements are not magical and do not guarantee results. It is important to keep in mind that for best results, these supplements should be combined with a healthy diet and consistent workout regimen.