Beat The Flu: Supplements for Immune Boosting

Beat The Flu: Supplements for Immune Boosting

avoid getting the flu with immune boosting supplementsWe are all familiar with the immune boosting effects of vitamin C, but there are a number of additional supplements that can help us in this regard. Immune boosting and even anti-aging effects are incredibly important for a number of reasons.

Are you perhaps interested in not catching the flu this season? Or how about fighting off infection and avoiding other colds and diseases? All of these things are not only possible but actually quite probable if you plan a good general health and immune boosting supplement regimen.

General Health Supplements

The first thing to remember when designing your supplement program is to ensure that you have a good supply of the vitamins and minerals that will help to keep you in good general health. This should form the base of your program. A great option for this is our General Health Stack, which includes:

These supplements, when taken together, should help you to build a solid amount of resistance to the more common colds and illnesses that many of us suffer through too frequently.

Immune Boosting Supplements

Once you have developed a good general health baseline, immune boosting is the next most important consideration.  This will help to further strengthen the ability of your body to fight off all types of infections, including the flu.

Studies have continuously shown that the best way to fight and protect yourself from catching the flu is to give your body the nutritional support it needs. A good Ginseng supplement really helps in this regard, as does Olive Leaf and Echinacea supplements. These will not only help to promote a health immune system, but also help to rid the body of toxins. They work similarly to antioxidants.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also very important. This is truth both generally speaking and in relation to helping to fight off the flu and other infections. Our Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) capsules are great for this. When combined with the Raspberry Ketones this really energizes your metabolism and creates an excellent environment for enhancing fat loss and suppressing appetite.


Making sure that your body remains healthy is the first step in avoiding common conditions like the cold and flu. This is where having a good supplementation regime comes in handy. Starting with a good base of vitamins and minerals will also allow any additional supplements to be even more effective. Then, your immune boosting routine will become even more alive. Doing so will give you a fighting chance of not catching the common cold or flu this year!