How Sulbutiamine Can Help You Maintain Optimal Health and Increase Your Energy to Feel Years Younger

sulbutiamine to improve mood and other benefits

Did You Know…?

Sulbutiamine is the generic name for Arcalion, a supplement use primarily for increasing energy.  Many people who suffer from a lack of energy use sulbutiamine [1].

Sulbutiamine: What is it?

Sulbutiamine is a form of Vitamin B1 that originated from Japan. Sulbutiamine improves energy, memory, and is used to help those with erectile dysfunction along with the many other benefits [4]. Its popularity has soared in recent years.

Sulbutiamine Benefits

  • Improves memory and cognition: Studies have demonstrated that the use of sulbutiamine improves memory through the potentiation of cholinergic and dopaminergic transmission.[2]
  • Improve reflexes [5]
  • Improves your ability to focus [5]
  • Improves fatigue [1]
  • Improves mood [3]
  • Can help with erectile dysfunction [4]
  • Used as an appetite suppressor [6]
  • Weight loss: Burns fat to help reduce body weight [6]

Additional Benefits of Sulbutiamine

The benefits of sulbutiamine are outstanding.  It has the ability to improve neurotransmission; it can help improve reflexes, attention and mental alertness. It is also helpful to those with asthenia – a form of chronic fatigue that is based on cognitive function rather than being muscular in origin [1]

Sulbutiamine also can improve a person’s mood [3]. People also use sulbutiamine to alleviate stress. Recent studies have suggested that sulbutiamine may help those with erectile dysfunction [4]. Some users take sulbutiamine as an appetite suppressor and fat burner to help reduce body weight.  It is truly the jack-of-all-trades.




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