Setting Up My New Years Resolution

Setting Up My New Years Resolution

Oh the damage the holiday season can do to us. To be honest, I keep telling myself week in and week out that THIS is the week I’m going to start, THIS is the week I’m going to get back in shape, but then my mom introduces a platter of delicious Christmas dinner, and my self-restraint goes out the window.

My New Years Resolution: Get in “Killer Mode” Shape

That being said, I’m serious now. Time to do this thing! My New Years resolution is to get in “killer mode” shape and of course get another fight on the books. I’m gonna need some help of course.

With your guy’s encouragement, a Powder City fueled supplement routine, and some self imposed will-power, nothing can stop me from reaching this resolution. I of course want you all to achieve as well, so shoot me some messages with questions or comments and I’ll be sure to interact. I’m always looking for new routine ideas, or tips, so let’s hear what you have to say!

Over the last few years, I have been constantly intrigued by new and innovative lifting routines. Over the next number of weeks, I look forward to sharing my progress with these more unusual techniques. These will include cross-training techniques such as kettle-bells, battle ropes, and tractor trailer tires, weight-lifting techniques such as elect training, the difference between lower rep-sets and higher rep-sets, and power lifting techniques, and mma training in terms of stand-up progress, grappling work and my base wrestling technique.

Supplement wise, as it is part of my job, I absolutely love doing research on new products, and different synergistic combos. It’s funny because my friends will often make fun of me for it, but I have at times used 20+ supplements in a pre-workout mix, simply because I want to see how my body will react, and whether or not I achieve that ultimately desired “pump”.

I will also keep note of my supplement progress and share my experiences with different products over the course of this blog. I’m excited to jump into this thing, and I hope you all are excited to join me on the journey. Keep in mind; I look forward to hearing your progress as well, so keep me posted. Happy New Year’s, and good luck with your health and fitness endeavors!