Resveratrol Powder and Weight Loss

Resveratrol Powder and Weight Loss

Maintaining a balanced diet is of upmost importance when trying to lose weight. Although eating habits and exercise play a huge role in losing weight, dietary supplements can also help play a significant role.

What is Resveratrol?

Within the past few years, recent studies claim that a natural phytoalexin known as Resveratrol Powder can reduce body weight and improve bone mineral density as well as other health benefits. Phytoalexin is a substance produced naturally by plant tissues to combat parasites and toxic growth.

Resveratrol is a stilbenoid which is a type of natural phenol and phytoalexin produced naturally by specific plans when being attacked by pathogens like bacteria and fungi.

Resveratrol Benefits

Studies by NIA Director Richard J. Hodes, M.D. have resulted in significant health effects in animals, including mice. The study found that resveratrol had a variety of positive effects on cardiovascular function and other problems related to age in mice.

For example, it was reported that mice ingesting resveratrol usually had better bone health than other mice. This was measured by thickness, mineral content, volume, density of the bone, as well as bending stiffness. Mice that were 30 months of age and given resveratrol also showed signs of reduced cataract formation. At 21 and 24 months enhanced balance and motor coordination in aged animals was also seen.

So along with potential weight loss and management, resveratrol can also possibly provide many other health benefits. Another study showed that mice taking resveratrol combined with vitamin D, quercetin, and genistein not only decreased weight gain but also inhibited bone loss.

In addition, resveratrol alone showed improved resistance to weight gain caused by high fat diets in mice. The study was also done on primates, the result? Increased metabolism and a decrease in the amount of calories consumed. This happens because resveratrol produces effects similar to the ones seen when the gene SIRT1 is activated in the body.

The SIRT1 gene essentially makes cells go into a survival mode and induces higher efficiency of metabolic activity in the body. This would allow you to shed fat without restricting calories. So that even if you were not exercising, you would still burn more calories that you normally would while sitting around.

Is Resveratrol Right for You?

If you want more energy, less weight, healthier bones, increased metabolism, and the many other health benefits being continuously reveled through studies then you may want to take it into strong consideration.


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