10 Things That Only Happen at Planet Fitness

10 Things That Only Happen at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has gotten a lot of positive press by pairing up with the TV show The Biggest Loser. Its judgment-free attitude is appealing to many who are new to the gym (unless, of course, you dare to grunt; then they will have the police escort you off the premises). However, there may be a few other flaws in their plan to help you get fit. Here are our top 10 offenders. 

  1. Planet Fitness offers Free Pizza…Really?

    While many people feel it is okay to indulge in a cheat meal from time to time, being offered pizza on the regular is going to be hard to resist and make it next to impossible to reach your fitness goals.

  2. More Planet Fitness Pizza

    While on the topic of pizza, let’s discuss how the scent of delicious pepperoni and cheese will be wafting around during your entire workout. Maybe you should try making a healthier meal instead. 

  3. Let me see your tootsie roll…

    If pizza isn’t your thing, you can be sure to satisy your sweet tooth with a giant bowl of tootsie rolls, Planet Fitness approved. 

  4. This sign about tootsie rolls

    Perhaps people are hiding their candy snacking shame? Or maybe they don’t know what the dumbbell rack is for.

  5. Would you like some carbs with that?

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever walked into my gym and thought “Awwww yeah, free bagel day!”

  6. Happy Hour…in the locker room

    If your workout has you stressing out, take a pull off this lovely locker room refreshment. 

  7. No deadlifting allowed

    You thought you might workout while at the gym? Think again. 

  8. Proper footwear not required


  9. Creative use of gym machines


  10. This list started with pizza and it will end with pizza.

    Wondering why your weightloss isn’t progressing. Perhaps it is all the free pizza? Naaaaah.

You can see the complete list of Planet Fitness shenanigans here

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