Pills Versus Powder: Which Formulation is Best?

Pills Versus Powder: Which Formulation is Best?

supplement powder vs capsulesOne of the most often asked questions in the supplement industry is whether pills or powders are a better formulation for nutritional supplements.

Actually, each has their specific advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the specifics of each type, some supplements may come only in one or the other form due to stability, absorption or effectiveness issues.

In other words, it will help each person to know the differences and benefits of both types in order to make an intelligent decision. 

Benefits of Pills

There are two major benefits of pill or tablet forms of supplements over powder. The first is that pills are much more portable. This can be a huge advantage for someone who travels frequently. It can be a real problem packing a big container of protein powder in your suitcase, for example.

The second major benefit of pills over powders is that they are easier to prepare. When you want to take a pill, simply open the bottle, grab one and take it. There is no need to go grab a spoon or a scoop and then measure out the proper amount. Also, there is no need to actually get water or milk or juice and mix everything all together.

Benefits of Powders

Powders are unquestionably easier for the body to absorb. This means that when your body is craving specific nutritional support a powdered product delivers that support much faster than a pill. Another advantage is that when the powder is mixed with a liquid it becomes even easier and quicker for the body to absorb. Additionally, powder supplements can be easier on the stomach and digestive system.

Other Concerns

The specific supplement or product is also important when evaluating which is the best form. Some items are only effective when they come in a dry extract form, such as a pill. Others are only effective when they are ingested in a liquid form, which would mean the powder is best.

Also consider the dosage and the cost per serving. Some products which come in both forms may have a big cost variance between forms. For example, consider how much the actual dose is, and how many pills would need to be taken versus how much of the powder. Then, simply calculate the cost of each form. Many times, one or the other will cost up to ten times as much!

There is really not a hard and fast rule as to whether pills or powders are better formulations. It depends on a number of factors including the cost per serving, the specific product and whether or not it is more stable as one or the other and even personal factors (like carrying around a 5 pound container of powder versus a few pills).

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