Phosphatidylserine: Your Stairway To Less Stress and More Fitness

Phosphatidylserine: Your Stairway To Less Stress and More Fitness

Phosphatidylserine, commonly abbreviated to PS, is one of my favorite recovery aids, since it does double duty as a general stress reducer.

How Phosphatidylserine Works

First off, PS minimizes exercise-induced stress and speeds post-workout recovery, allowing you to work out more strenuously with less post-workout muscle soreness as well as less of that “drained” feeling you get after an intense workout, which I definitely don’t miss.

PS also cuts down on general stress outside of a workout. This benefits health, boosts mood and improves both mental and physical performance, including athletic performance. Its also being studied for its affects on attention and learning abilities.

And how does it do all this? By reducing the presence of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body. Exercise-induced stress and general stress are both rooted in cortisol, and PS blocks this negative hormone like a pro-bowl left tackle.

How Phosphatidylserine Benefits You

I look at being more resistant to stress as kind of a super-human power.

Not only can you handle what you normally do more fluently; it’s also easier to do new things and take on more than you ever did before. My to-do lists haven’t stood a chance since I started taking this stuff.

You’d be surprised at how much stress might be holding you back in every aspect of your life, so If you have ambitious goals that take a little stress to get there, PS will get you there faster. Trust me, this is especially true for fitness goals.

Phosphatidylserine Dosage

Your body synthesizes a small amount of PS on its own, but in today’s stressful environment, you’ll benefit more by supplementing it. It’s safe to use, and the benefits are true for all ages, though your body needs it more and more as you age. This is due to your body gradually losing its ability to naturally produce PS as you age. Sucks, I know, but you can fight this depletion by supplementing with additional PS.

The standard dose is 100 mg three times a day for 300 mg total, and since it’s fat-soluble, it makes sense to take some with every meal: this is what I do. 

Posphatidylserine Synergy

It’s been shown that essential fatty acids enhance the absorption of PS, creating a synergistic effect between the two. I can attest to the fact that L-Theanine (another relaxation product) combines well with PS, too.

Lastly, there is a wonderful synergy between PS and exercise itself. Think about it: exercise is weird in that in causes stress in the short-term but reduces general stress in the long run. In other words, you’re trading a little stress now for reduced stress later on. Since PS decreases exercise-induced stress and allows for more strenuous workouts with a quicker recovery time, you get better results from your workouts and thus a stronger long-term anti-stress effect.