Operations Manager

Powder City is seeking an Operations Manager to oversee its fulfillment and manufacturing. This position currently manages nineteen employees, including a production lead and fulfillment lead.


  • Overseeing receiving to ensure accurate weights and correct documentation
  • Developing new SOPs and improving upon existing SOPs
  • Assisting and guiding production lead on production planning
  • Managing accurate weekly and monthly inventory counts
  • Warehouse and manufacturing employee scheduling
  • Enacting and assisting leads with employee discipline, communication, and coaching
  • Determining stockout levels for high volume finished goods to prevent sales for out of stock product
  • Training and cross training employees to ensure fulfillment goals
  • Ensuring warehouse and manufacturing safety, organization, and cleanliness
  • Troubleshooting fulfillment or manufacturing issues if leads are not meeting metrics


  • ERP implementation experience preferred
  • Intermediate spreadsheet knowledge
  • Inventory experience preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • 5+ years experience in a leadership role
  • 2+ years experience in a warehouse or supply chain related position

To Apply

Please send your resume, along with answers to the questions below to Nathan@powdercity.com with 'Operations Manager' in the subject line:

  1. Do you have any ERP or inventory software experience?
  2. If several employees are performing physical counts, how would you ensure accountability to see who makes count errors?


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