Nootropic Combo for College Students: Improve Your Focus Without Draining Your Wallet

Nootropic Combo for College Students: Improve Your Focus Without Draining Your Wallet

College can be an incredible time, possibly even the most fun and exciting challenge you have experienced up to this point in your life. But, there are also a number of issues that come along with the territory.

For example, there always seems to be so much going on that it can be hard to focus; the same is true for recent college graduates as well.

With all of the distractions life throws at us, it’s very easy to feel pulled in about a hundred directions. Not to mention the pressures of needing to study and navigate college life, or even finding a job in what has turned into one of the most difficult markets in decades.

Finding Your Focus

We know that you are busy, over-worked, and stressed out. We also know that you do not exactly have a ton of cash to throw around either.

Unfortunately, it seems like all these name brand supplement companies do not care about any of this. They are only interested in making the most amount of profit possible.

The high prices for most of these useful products make it really difficult for students to be able to afford. The cost of these big-brand premixed supplements starts to make overpriced textbooks look affordable. 

The sad part of all this is that a lot of this cost is simply unnecessary. The packing is incredibly expensive and adds a lot to the final cost of the product. Of course, these big companies feel that YOU should pay for all of their “creativeness” in terms of package design, artwork, photography, etc.

The same thing is true for marketing. Expensive marketing campaigns, full color magazine ads, and the like can add a lot of expense which is really superfluous.

Many times, these big brand supplement companies also include an already pre-mixed formula. Sure, this is a bit more convenient, but maybe the idea of saving a few dollars might make up for the fact that you can take a few extra seconds to make your own?

Buy Your Supplements In Bulk

There are a lot of proprietary blends on the market these days designed to make stacking your supplements less of a chore. However, while precapped stacks may be convenient, they pack way more of a whallop on your wallet not to mention you have no control over the dosage of the various supplements crammed into that capsule. There are a lot of benefits to buying your products in bulk vs. a blend.

Thankfully, there are a number of bulk supplements available that are reported to help boost your focus. Two of the best options to help you get more done in a shorter period of time while increasing memory and focus are Theanine supplements and caffeine supplements.

In fact, by stacking these together, or taking them both at the same time, you can make them even more effective. Best of all, by getting this in bulk, and using a powdered formula you can have the best of both worlds: enhanced focus, attention, and memory plus some incredibly affordable products that actually work!

Theanine benefits include reducing stress, increasing overall health, and promoting increased focus and better mental function. This naturally occurring amino acid is also found in green tea; this is how many people can drink tea, which has caffeine, and not feel any nervous or jittery side effects.

It also helps to increase alpha brain waves which lead to a feeling of calm and relaxed alertness; perfect for studying or concentrating on a specific task.

The benefits of caffeine include helping to increase alertness and waking you up. This also means decreased fatigue, and improved overall performance.It increases energy and may even be helpful at improving athletic performance.

Additionally, when used in combination with Theanine supplements, you can combat the caffeine jitters, allowing you to enjoy a smooth energy boost and improved focus.