Feeling Run Down? Drop That Energy Drink And Try Natural Energy Supplements Instead

Feeling Run Down? Drop That Energy Drink and Try Natural Energy Supplements Instead

It started with Red Bull, then Monster. Many others followed suit and before long convenience stores were flooded with a spectrum of giant 20oz cans and condensed energy shots, all packed with enough caffeine to get a small hippo running sprints.

The early 2000’s marked the rise of energy drinks. They brought high doses of caffeine to people that didn’t like coffee and made it taste like candy. Not long after the rise of energy drinks, people everywhere were beginning to experience the crash that came along with them.

Sure, energy drinks have their advantages. It’s easy to chug a can on the way to work and be ready to go in 20 minutes. They come in so many flavors that it’s like choosing a pack of gum. And now they can be found for as little as a dollar a can. But there are some distinct disadvantages too.

The Problem With Energy Drinks

Some energy drinks can contain the caffeine of 2-3 cups of regular drip coffee and are laced with numerous other ingredients in their “energy blend”. In the very least, it can give you the jitters; on the worse end of the spectrum, people with heart conditions can face life-threatening situations when overloading their cardiac system.

One 16oz can of regular Monster energy drink contains over 50mg sugar. You don’t have to look very far to find information about the negative effects of sugar. Your teeth, body composition and mental performance can all be adversely impacted. And the sugar-free versions of energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners that can have their own list of suspect long-term effects.

Most people are aware of the sugar content and will shy away from products like Coca Cola because of it, but the marketing of energy drinks by and for athletes can give the wrong impression, especially to youth, that it’s a healthy choice.

To mask the bitterness of all the other ingredients and offset the sweetness, energy drinks are also loaded with citric acid. Drinking too much acid can destroy your tooth enamel, cause digestion problems, and leave you with a serious case of heartburn.

Energy Drink Alternatives

So you’re now terrified of energy drinks, but you still need a little something to get you revved up in the morning or to make the final push at the end of your day. There are definitely some viable alternatives that can give you energy without wrecking your body at the same time. Natural supplements like l-theanine and caffeine anhydrous or PEA and Hordenine can be used to give you an even better boost.

Caffeine and L-theanine

It may seem weird that caffeine was mentioned as a bad ingredient in energy drinks and it’s right here in the alternatives list, well that’s because it’s not used in the same way. At the right dose, caffeine can be beneficial to mental function and also give you some physical energy.

What you’re NOT going to do is load up on it until you feel invincible. The smart way to use caffeine is by using measured doses of caffeine supplements in a strategic manner. To round out the combination, add in l-theanine.

L-theanine supplements provide a calming, anti-anxiety effect, but when combined with coffee it can help smooth over the caffeine jitters and provide the calm, focused energy people are chasing when they chug drinks pumped full of caffeine.  

PEA and Hordenine

If you’re already a disciple of caffeine and l-theanine or are just feeling extra experimental, PEA (Phenylethylamine) and Hordenine supplements are your next stop. PEA supplements are derived from amino acids and Hordenine is a plant-based supplement. They each bring their own benefits to the table and combined can produce some very good effects, again, without the use of excess caffeine, sugar and acid-laden drinks.

PEA gives users a feeling of wellbeing and general mood elevation. It boosts dopamine, serotonin and other chemicals in the brain. Hordenine provides a similar energy boost to caffeine and is a popular addition to many weight loss supplements. Like caffeine and l-theanine, PEA and hordenine work in a synergistic manner to help create a combination of feel-good energy that’s more beneficial than a massive caffeine jolt alone.

Using Your New Alternatives

It’s not generally recommended to take these two stacks together, but you may want to try each one on its own to find what works best for you. One of the best things about each of the supplements listed above is that they’re all available in bulk and online. You can order powdered versions of all of them, mix them up to your liking, cap them and then have even more convenience than you get with an energy drink.