Month 2, Week 2: No Equipment Required

Month 2, Week 2: No Equipment Required

Most of these crossfit-inspired workouts require little to no equipment. In the past, you may have balked at new workout routines if you saw a lot of required equipment with hefty price tags. How could you be sure that you would keep up with the routine? How could you be sure you wouldn’t end up buying all this stuff and then never use it?

This is where our great body-weight based routines and recipe ideas come in. You can find a complete index of the crossfit workout blog posts here. But before we get to the workouts, let’s go over some fat blasting supplements and how they can help you reach your goals.

Supplement Suggestions

Many people have heard of the more popular weight loss products on the market but they don’t really understand how it all works. The first on our lists a synergistic combo of African Mango 50g and Green Tea Capsules designed to boost your metabolism and blast fat.

There have been multiple studies that show African Mango helps induce fat-loss as well as weight loss. The other half of this weight loss duo, Green Tea Capsules, contains catechins, which help you burn more calories during your workouts. Be sure to check it out!

Another great product we have for you is Yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine is an alpha 2 agonist meaning it blocks the receptors in your brain that inhibit the breakdown of fat. Once this happens, it is fat-burning workout time! Yohimbine works best with a low-carb diet, but if this is not possible then take it on an empty stomach before a cardio-based workout.


Man Up Monday

30 Pushups
Run 400m
20 Pushups
Run 800m
10 Pushups
Run 1 mile
10 Tricep dips
Run 800m
20 Tricep dips
Run 400m
30 tricep dips

Tone Up Tuesday

Crossfit ludicrous leg day
(Click for a larger image)

Work it Out Wednesday

300 Rep workout

10 Rounds for time
10 Sit ups
10 Burpees
10 Tricep dips

Throw Down Thursday

Crossfit core workout
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Get Fit Friday

Crossfit shoulders and back WOD
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Need to stretch? Try out these exercises:

30 seconds each, Repeat 2X

Cat Stretch
Child’s pose
Dancer’s Stretch
Side wrist pull
Upward Stretch

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