Money, the Great Motivator…Or is It?

Money, the Great Motivator…Or is It?

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Most would assume offering a person a finanical incentive to do a job would succeed over offering a person no money to do a job, and they’re right when it comes to mechanical tasks.

If I ask you to mow the lawn, paint the porch, etc and offer you money odds are you will do it. However, this stops being true once the task shifts to a cognitive nature.

The more money an individual is offered correlated directly to how poorly they will perform the cognitive task. This phenomena was the focus of an MIT study, and they made some pretty interesting discoveries.

So What Will Motivate People to Perform Well?

  1. Autonomy. As humans we desire to be self directed. When we get bogged down by a management style of “Do this, do that” we stop functioning at our best level. When we feel in control of a situation, we often perform better. 
  2. Mastery. The urge to attain better skills, master a new song on the guitar, and so on motivates individuals far more than monetary gains when it comes to cognitive tasks. Individuals want to be challenged and, as a result, the reward of achieving a new ability is often more appealing than financial incentives for a task they have no heart in. 
  3. Purpose. If individuals cannot see a purpose of their work beyond profit, their motivation quickly tanks. If an individual thinks they can make a difference or they are contributing to a quality purpose, they are far more motivated to do work, and do it well.

How to Attain These Traits and Stay Motivated

So let’s assume you have all of these things but you still struggle with motivation or perhaps you are sufficiently motivated but your thoughts feel sluggish; what’s your next recourse?

An excellent option is to supplement with nootropics. Nootropics are known cognitive enhancers and motivation boosters. Some great options for improving your motivation and focus are aniracetam to improve your mood, noopept to increase your cognitive capacity, and sulbutiamine to elevate your energy levels.

Many users of these nootropics report improvements in their motivation and drive, so be sure to check them out. 

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