Max CLA: Potential Fat Reducer

Max CLA: Potential Fat Reducer

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conjugated linoleic acid CLA for weight lossAre you looking for something that might favorably affect your body composition? In other words, could you use something that will help you to lose fat while maintaining your muscle? What if you could do this safely and naturally? Then look no further than Max CLA.

This supplement is actually already used in a number of popular foods and products that are generally regarded as helpful in weight control. In addition to those simply looking to lose weight, this can also be a big help to weight training athletes.


Max CLA is short for conjugated linoleic acid. This is a naturally occurring fatty acid, found in many types of beef and dairy products. The human body is not able to produce our own CLA, therefore it must come from either diet or supplementation.

An interesting function of Max CLA is that while it is a trans fatty acid, it also stimulates the product of white adipose tissues. This is a type of tissue that actually helps to cause the cellular death of fat cells. CLA is also added to products such as yogurt, meal replacement shakes, nutritional bars, fruit juices, and even soy milk.

Max CLA Benefits

The main benefit of Max CLA is the reported ability to favorably affect body composition. This essentially means it helps you reduce the number of fat cells in your body, therefore reducing your weight. Of course, at the same time you are also able to maintain your muscle mass.

This supplement is also able to help improve both your protein and fat metabolism. Fat storage is reduced while protein retention is significantly increased. The supplement goes to work and actually helps to kill off existing fat cells, blocks fat storage and helps to prevent or impede the production and creation of additional fat cells.

Max CLA also works by helping with glucose. Glucose is basically sugar which the body uses for energy. The problem is that many (especially overweight people) produce excess levels of glucose which the body then turns into and stores as fat. This supplement helps to prevent the conversion of glucose into fat.

While all of this will already be helpful not only to those looking to reduce weight but also athletes, it should also be noted that Max CLA helps to increase the use of glycogen. This is a substance which provides fuel to help repair muscular tissue, improving the look and recovery times of muscles engaged in heavy training. It is also beneficial in turning dietary fat into muscle, although there is some debate about the effectiveness of this process.

The bottom line is that Max CLA is a product that can help people from all lifestyles. Whether you are a stay at home mom (or a working mom) interested in losing a few more pounds or a professional weight lifter, this is for you.


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