Let’s Get This Party Started

Let’s Get This Party Started

Now that the holidays are over, and leftovers are depleted, I’m ready to pick back up my healthier routine and get this party started.  I tell you what, the holidays are the worst temptation time for me, especially on a carb level. 

Stuffing is probably one of my most prized indulgences, seconded by Pumpkin Pie and what my Alabaman Grandmother called “Yankee Pudding” (which is essentially just crackers and gravy).  Not to mention my father is very old-fashioned, so holiday cookies are a must in the house around this time.

In addition to holiday food, I went through a fairly significant break-up of a long-term relationship in the fall, which certainly teetered my balance of a healthy lifestyle.  My exercise routine went stagnant, my eating habits weren’t horrible but definitely weren’t up to the level they were when I was going full-throttle.

But even falling off the band-wagon for the holidays and dealing with personal stress, it’s not “giving up” so long as you start right back up again.  And that’s what I am here to do!

I’m very happy to share my experience with you as I work to reach my weight-loss goals.  I hope that what I document here can help some of you reach yours as well.  

About Me

To summarize, I am 32 and have been battling obesity all of my adult life.  My highest weight was 437 in 2010, and I am currently hovering around 230 (Height: 5’10”) after bariatric surgery (which stops working after 18 months, so I’ve been on my own since April).  I have changed my life completely with better eating habits, health, fitness ability, and now supplementation.  The goal here is to push myself even further with your help and the help of Powder City.

My co-workers here have been supportive and educational.  What a great combination to help me move forward.

The Weight Loss Plan

To start, I just got myself some Paleo cookbooks and educational materials, as I intend to start a Paleo lifestyle as far as my eating habits are concerned.  As a bariatric (gastric bypass patient), I am required to eat a high protein diet for life because I only absorb about half of the food I eat (and I can’t eat as much as most people, obviously).  That combined with the fact that I am a farmers daughter so I enjoy meat, and I love the research I’ve read behind the Paleo diet, it seemed like the natural choice for me. 

While I am making the dietary switch gradually, I am going to start learning more about cross-fit and lifting in general.  I was running 7 days a week over the summer before my personal crisis, but find it very boring and eventually start to despise the idea of having to run -yet again-. I like variety. 

I’ve always been interested in muscle gains and lifting.  Not so much that I’d want to do any sort of competition, but enough that I can see decent muscle definition and be stronger in general.  For the holidays I got a punching bag and have set up a mini-weight room in my basement.  I will be investing in some kettle bells and medicine balls, playing more, lifting heavier, and seeing where I can go from here.

Eventually I may join a gym, but am not ready to make that step yet as I still have anxiety issues from my former weight, which is why this exposure for HSW is a big step for me.  I’m counting on you guys to keep me motivated.

Weight Loss Supplements

I have started taking Raspberry Ketones and Max CLA daily and will record my progress each week here.  My goal is to get down to 170 pounds (though I’d probably be happy just getting to 199), but that will fluctuate depending on muscle gain and excess skin issues that I will obviously have to get taken care of at some point.

There’s no time like the present to start!