Keeping My Eye on the Goal While Sick

Keeping My Eye on the Goal While Sick

Is everyone and their cousin sick these days? Here I am starting this New Years ReVolution, and I have what I can only guess is a severe cold or possibly the flu.  In fact, my whole household has it. 

When talking to a doctor New Years Eve, they said their patient input has quadrupled in the last week due to the amount of sickness going around.  This does not bode well for New Years Resolutions, that’s for sure.  The weird part is, once I get sick, that’s when I have the most desire to work-out.

While it may be an excuse for taking it easy in the exercise department, it’s not an excuse to not eat right or take my vitamins/supplements.  In fact, I just got some of my Paleo books that I mentioned in my last blog post, and my boyfriend is super excited to support me in this new dietary way of life. 

The information and research is sound, and the recipes are tantalizing and look like they will be very filling and beneficial to any health problems I might have.  I’ve had several friends who have switched to a paleo dietary life-style, and have nothing but positive things to say about it.  Note: Paleo is NOT the Atkins diet 🙂

The goal right now is fat loss and muscle gain.  Not hardcore muscle gain just yet, I am easing into a routine that won’t overwhelm me once I am not coughing up lungs or having a fever.  But muscle gain is definitely on my list of desired achievements.

Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract

raspberry ketones for weight lossI’ve also considered switching from the Raspberry Ketones and African Mango to Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract. I’ve read a lot about the synergistic affects of that particular combination, and it may be more on par with what I’m trying to achieve. 

So once my current dose of African Mango runs out towards the end of the month, I will try switching over and record the affects here.  Don’t get me wrong, African Mango is a great product, but we all have to experiment with what gives us the best results, and we’re all different.

I also want to note that I weighed myself frequently over the holidays, and while I had gained about 9 pounds over the holidays (part of it could be from water retention, I am female afterall), and I have since lost 10 of those. 

So I am back on schedule there, and while I am disappointed with the amount of carbs and sweets I scarfed down over the holiday, I can only make changes if I want things to change.  And since I do, I will not be making THAT mistake again.  For all I know, that could be one of the largest contributors to me feeling so poorly right now.  Lesson learned.