Purchasing Manager

About Powder City

Powder City is dietary supplement ecommerce business located in York, PA. We purchase dietary supplement powders from suppliers, perform QA testing, and then manufacture capsules and package powders for the end consumer.

Position Description

The Purchasing Manager’s primary responsibilities consist of minimizing stock outs, ensuring multiple suppliers for high volume parts and materials, and negotiating terms and pricing.

This position currently manages one purchasing and sourcing employee, but will eventually manage two employees. The Purchasing Manager reports directly to the QA Manager

We will pay relocation expenses for the right candidate.


  • Develop and test qualifying process for new suppliers
  • Optimize purchasing work flow
  • Grade suppliers on KPIs: quality, delivery time, payment terms, price
  • Ensure raw materials supplier redundancies for top selling products
  • Forecast raw materials usage
  • Minimize stock outs for high volume products
  • Monitor raw materials inventory levels
  • Establish reorder points and buffer stock for raw materials
  • Leverage economies of scale to drive down raw materials prices
  • Analyze cash flow to stay within budget
  • Communicate receiving discrepancies with suppliers
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Monitor supplier prices and analyze root causes for price increases
  • Develop new supplier sources
  • Collaborate with production and receiving
  • Prioritize tasks for purchasing and sourcing staff
  • Negotiate price, payment terms, and delivery guarantee with suppliers
  • Send RFQs to multiple suppliers to ensure optimal pricing and terms
  • Ensure PO entry into accounting and receiving systems
  • Communicate possible inventory discrepancies with the Operations Manager


  • Effective written and verbal communication
  • Intermediate Excel spreadsheet skills
  • Management experience

Preferred Requirements

  • Purchasing experience
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Project management experience
  • ERP experience


  • Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • 16 Days yearly PTO
  • 6 Paid Holidays
  • Competitive salary
  • At cost employee discount on all products

Why Work for Powder City?

Powder City is the frontrunner in the bulk dietary supplements market. We keep our competitive edge by striving to be a low cost leader while ensuring quality standards through third-party and in-house product testing.

With our recent expansion into encapsulated products and premixed powders, such as pre workout powders, we seek to continue our innovative disruption of the dietary supplement market.

As a small yet growing company, Powder City has a relaxed dress code and less formalities than a larger business. We have an open office environment and encourage collaboration among employees.

With close to forty employees, our size allows us to provide personnel with benefits and pay that competes with larger companies.


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