Health and Fitness Integrity: Banish “Cheat” From Your Vocabulary

Health and Fitness Integrity: Banish “Cheat” From Your Vocabulary

Cheat reps and cheat meals are pretty common to hear about in the fitness community. While one is lambasted and the other is tolerated, it speaks to a larger issue. When was it decided we could cheat our way into a healthier, stronger body?

Of course, one cheat meal is not going to undo an entire week of solid nutrition. One workout with cheat reps isn’t going to ruin your body. It doesn’t become a problem until the cheating takes over, when cheat meals turn into binges and cheat reps turn into continuous bad form.

Of course, eating clean isn’t always easy. This is particularly true around the holidays. And cheat reps can be hard to avoid if you don’t have a workout partner or are simply unaware. That being said, we’ve put together some motivation for you to ensure you keep yourself honest in the gym.

Honest AbeBroHam

Honest Abebroham will keep you straight. He does not mess around with cheat meals or cheat reps, and he will help out a fellow gym member when they’re in a pinch.

Honest AbeBroHam Doesn't Cheat on His Reps
Honest Abebroham doesn’t cheat on his reps. He takes beta alanine to improve his physical performance.
Honest AbeBroHam Doesn't Have Cheat Meals
Honest Abebroham doesn’t have cheat meals. He eats clean everyday.
Honest AbeBroHam Doesn't Skip Leg Day
Honest Abebroham would never skip leg day. He especially wouldn’t lie about it.

Honest Abebroham sees you are low on creatine. He won’t lie and say he is out, he’ll share with his fellow lifters.

Remember, when you are stuggling with whether or not to gorge on fatty foods or you know your reps aren’t as clean as they could be, Honest Abebroham is watching.