Fulfillment Associate

Job Description

PowderCity.com is an online supplement retailer seeking a detail-oriented individual to join our fulfillment team. This is a part-time position around 20-25 hours per week and pays $12/hour.

Available shifts are Monday-Wednesday 7am-4:30pm and Saturday from 8am-2pm.

Order picking involves picking finished goods from bins based on pick sheets for multiple small orders or packing slips for single large orders.

Once orders are picked and placed into fulfillment bins, items are checked against their packing slips and then packed into the appropriate box or mailer type and labeled.

If an order is unfulfillable due to a finished goods shortage, it's put aside to await replenishment.



  • Pick orders accurately from product bins
  • Place picked orders in ascending order by order number for pack lines
  • Notify work order associate when products need replenishing
  • Ensure prepped stock of scoops and bags for order fulfillment


  • Verifying packing slips against picked items
  • Identify the correct shipping option and package type
  • Prep shipping supplies at the end of the shift


  • Must be able to read and take directions in English
  • Able to lift up to 55 pounds
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Saturday availability from 8am-2pm preferred

Advanced Requirement

Additional pay is available if you have experience with ShipStation, Endicia, or Shipworks. With this experience and advanced position, you would be the secondary shipping clerk Monday-Wednesday and the primary shipping clerk on Saturdays.


  • PTO accrued at 0.0385 hours per hour worked
  • Prorated holiday pay based on hours worked
  • At cost employee discount on all products

To Apply

Please send your resume, along with answers to the questions below to joe@powdercity.com with the subject 'Fulfillment Associate':

  1. What is your weekly availability?
  2. Are you willing to work Saturday from 8am-2pm?
  3. Do you have any fulfillment or shipping experience?

Keywords: shipping, warehouse associate, picking, packing, order processing, Amazon


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