Top Five Ways to Lose that Winter Weight for Summer

Top Five Ways to Lose that Winter Weight for Summer

Being that it’s already summertime, hitting the beach is sure to be on your mind.  White sand, clear waters, fancy cocktails with tiny umbrellas—haha just kidding, I mean beer—are sure to brighten your outlook on an otherwise dreary day at work.  But there’s one major obstacle sitting between you and an enjoyable time in the sun: that beer gut. 

Honed from months of cold weather, RumpleMinze, and a general unwillingness to go for a jog in the snow, your spare tire more than likely resembles a Christmas ham that fell on the floor of a barbershop.  And what chance do you have of flirting with all the co-eds at the beach if you have to stand at least two feet away from them in order to not bump bellies?  (You’re welcome for that imagery.)

But fear not! There are multiple ways to shed those extra pounds in a hurry before you have to squeeze into those board shorts with the Hawaiian flowerprint. Short of wearing a trashbag and sprinting up and down the stairs, these five simple tips will get you back in fighting form in no time.

5.  Cut out the fast food!

While I know the prospect of removing McDoubles from your life shocks you to the core—perhaps enough of a shock that your arteries unclog and your heart restarts—fast food is the surest way to kill any chance of weight loss. Processed food of any sort is a no-no, but add in the fact that it’s full of carbs and sugars and you’re belly is laughing all the way to the plus-sized men’s store

4.  Change your alcoholic beverage of choice.

Beer and liquor: man’s best friends.  But unfortunately if you want to get beach ready, you’re going to have to change up your drinking habits. Not only is it beneficial to reduce the number of days per week that you drink—alcohol slows the metabolism and reduces protein synthesis—it is also beneficial to change the type of alcohol that you consume.

Strangely enough, liquor tends to metabolize straight to belly fat (even though it is less caloric), so your best bet is to find a suitable light beer. Beers such as Yuengling Light, Rolling Rock, and even Guinness tend to have less impact on body weight than those delicious, Hipster-pleasing microbrews.

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3.  Start a better sleep routine.

sleeping dogWorking a steady job and maintaining a steady social life are both time-consuming activities.  It’s no surprise that many people do not sleep enough hours each night.  In a shocking study, the CDC found that (over 41 million Americans do not receive enough restful sleep).  Without enough sleep, the risk for diabetes and obesity increases.  A solid eight hours of sleep per night can have a drastic impact on your weight-loss journey.

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go to the gymI know that I just discussed time being tight, but it is imperative that you fit at least a short workout in five times a week if you expect to see any significant weight loss.  People harp all the time about “Oh, he just looks that way because he’s on steroids,” or “he’s obsessed,” and so on and so forth.  But what weight loss comes down to is effort put in equals results out.  If you put in the energy and time, you’ll be paid off in spades (or abs, depending on how you want to look at it). 

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1.  Try an All-Natural Supplement

There are several easy-to-obtain all-natural dietary supplements that are proven to have an impact on weight loss and overall well being.  For me personally, I prefer caffeine (God help you if you try to talk to me before my third cup of coffee) and Yohimbine HCL.  Caffeine is easy enough: drinking a cup of coffee in the morning helps to kickstart your metabolism, and drinking a cup of coffee before exercise will help you get more out of your workout.

Yohimbine HCL requires a bit more planning and a bit more care, but it works miracles.  For ideal results, a dose of 1mg per 1pound of body weight is recommended.  This dose can be taken twice a day (generally early morning and early afternoon) before cardio and on an empty stomach.  Once you introduce food into the stomach, the body triggers production of insulin—insulin inhibits the fat-loss benefits of Yohimbine.  This is my personal favorite for cutting weight when I want to look my best.  Be careful to pay attention to your body when taking this, as there are rare cases of adverse side effects.

All the aforementioned being said, the only real way to lose weight is to want it and to stick to a routine.  These suggestions will assist you in your weight-loss quest, but cheating on your goals will only leave you in the dust of those who don’t cut corners.

So what’s it gonna be, Private Pyle?


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