More English Muffin Panini, Less Muffin Top Tummy

More English Muffin Panini, Less Muffin Top Tummy

nom nom nom
Me, all of the time.

All the noms, I want them.

No, seriously. If I could eat all of the delicious food and somehow not turn into an obese whale in the process, I totally would.

Until I figure out how to thwart science and stop all of the calories from sticking to my body, I am forced to come up with recipes that taste of delicious and rainbows without all of the fat. This is not always easy.

I also try to get a good amount of protein as I struggle with adequate protein intake. I’ve actually recently started making protein shakes again since I’ve kicked my workout routine up a notch. 

chocolate covered lies

Anyway, I’ve seen many claims of delicious-healthy-treats, and let me tell you they are full of lies. You cannot slap chocolate onto things and expect it to presto-chango into something delicious.

That theory only works with cheese. And cheese isn’t really all that healthy, so I can’t really mask the horrible healthy food flavor with it. Anyway, on to the panini.

(BTW, it’s not really a panini, I just like to call it a panini. It makes me feel ~fancy~)

This recipe (can you call it a recipe if it’s super simple? Food.com thinks so anyway) requires very few ingredients and it takes very little time. These two qualifiers make this a favorite in my book.

Not only am I adept at being as lazy as possible, I also dislike recipes that not only want upwards of 15 ingredients but also require you to travel to Africa and pick the native fruit from the tallest tree (to be read, make a trip to the grocery store for one obscure ingredient). 

English Muffin Panini Ingredients

For the awesome not-quite-a-panini you will need the following:

  • 1 Hearty Muffin English muffin
  • 2 slices of turkey
  • Hearty pinch of shredded cheddar cheese (and I just railed against cheese didn’t I? Well you need less than 1/8 of a cup so there)
  • 8-10 leaves of Fresh spinach

panini ingredients


Prep time: 1 min Cook time: 4 min Total time: 5 min

  1. Divide your English muffin (even with the perforated edges I still somehow manage to mangle mine most of the time)
  2. Get a handful of spinach and arrange the leaves in a nice little stack (I use about 7-10 leaves myself)
  3. Slice your turkey (TBH, I just rip it) so it fits nicely on the English muffin and put them on top of the spinach to keep them in place
  4. Grab a decent sized pinch of shredded cheddar (slightly less than 1/8 of a cup, around 5 teaspoons if you want to be neurotic about it) and layer it on top of the spinach and turkey
  5. Put the top back on your English muffin and put it on your foreman grill (or–if you have one — your panini press, more power too you) for 4 minutes*

*You can probably use a toaster oven, I’ve never tried it personally. I love my foreman grill, so I use it a lot. 

And you should now be the proud owner of one of these bad boys:

english muffin panini

Look at that fancy holiday plate. It’s Christmas in July (or I’m just really lazy and never put away the Christmas dining set, don’t judge me). 

English Muffin Calories and Nutrition Information

So I’ve been prattling on about the delicious noms and how it’s healthy blah blah blah. Here is the break down for calories, fat, and protein:

English muffin: 100 calories, 1g of fat, 4g of protein, 160mg sodium
Turkey: 45 calories, 2.5g of fat, 4g of protein, 265mg sodium
Cheddar: 35 calories, 2.5g of fat, 2g of protein**, ~60mg sodium
Spinach: negligible on all fronts, 1 cup is 5 calories and we’re not even close to that

Total: Calories: 175, Fat: 6g, Protein: 10g, Sodium: 485mg

**The nutrition info for the cheddar will differ depending on brand and how judicious you are with your pinch of cheddar

And there you have it, a delicious snack (or lunch maybe if you add some fruit or something) that takes very little time, requires very few ingredients, and will not make you look/feel like the Michelin Man.

It’s also highly adaptable so throw whatever you like on there (Mushrooms, why not? Ham? Go for it, you crazy dare devil you), so long as it stays within the spectrum of healthy.

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