Ecdysterone: Should You Believe the Hype?

Ecdysterone: Should You Believe the Hype?


A few months ago, I was browsing a number of nutrition websites and came across an intriguing term, consistently brought into conversation, ecdysteroids. Having never heard this expression (other than the obvious suffix), I decided to read further into it. 

I found out that ecdysteroids are hormones in insects, but was still confused why so much hype would exist concerning them?

What Ecdysteroids Do

Apparently, while there’s no significant evidence proving so, there’s a slight possibility that supplementation of ecdysteroids can increase lean muscle mass (via increased protein synthesis), similar to artificial human steroids.

One HUGE plus I found out is that ecdysterone, a main carrier supplement for ecdysteroids, has not been shown to increase testosterone, despite often being marketed to do such. The correlation this meant for me was simple; all of the positives associated with steroid use, with only a fraction of the negatives (acne, back pain, shrunken testes, hair loss/growth, etc).

I went into a few bodybuilding forums, and saw that a similar curiosity existed. People had heard of this weird class of hormone and wanted to know if it worked. The reviews I came across were a mix of successes and failures; so naturally I decided the best way to see what ecdysteroids were all about was to try them out for myself.

My Ecdysterone Experiences

I ordered some ecdysterone myself and supplemented with it for almost a month. I didn’t notice any significant change in my body composition, so I figured it was just a waste of money.

I however found through further examination that this was a misunderstanding.

While I did not receive any visible effects from ecdysterone use, I did notice an overall healthiness. In all, I had lower cholesterol, was told my liver was in much greater health, and saw a significant increase in my stamina. 

Although this could have been caused by a number of other supplements I was currently using, these are also all effects the ecdysterone use is known to display.

Give it a Try

Just because I did not notice any physical differences from my ecdysterone use, maybe you will. I can however tell you that there is little harm in giving this increasingly more popular supplement a try.