Customer Service Representative

Powder City is seeking a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to join its growing customer service team. A 25-40 hour part-time position is available to those with backgrounds in customer service.

Dietary supplement or nootropics knowledge is preferred, but not required. Those without dietary supplement experience will be provided the opportunity to learn about our products during the course of training.

Full-time hours may become available once we move to our new facility in October or if you are willing to help with HR administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews.


This position is Sunday-Thursday 7am until the afternoon, and a 4-hour remote Sunday shift with a flex start time between 7am-11am.

Sundays shifts are worked remotely, but weekday shifts are on-site. Please do not apply if you are only looking for remote work.

If you do not have a home computer, we will provide one after your training period.

Shift length ranges from 5-8 hours daily (approximately 25-40 hours weekly) depending on ticket volume.

Training is for the first 2-4 weeks from Monday-Thursday. Once training is complete, the schedule transitions to the Sunday-Thursday schedule.

Work Breakdown

  • Online ticket support – 70%
  • Phone support – 20%
  • Administrative/data entry – 10%

A majority of customer questions involve order and shipping status, and some questions are product related. Product-specific questions are gradually introduced as your product knowledge improves.

Most customer service questions are answered online, but some customers prefer phone support. Social networking sites are also checked daily, including Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Other tasks may involve assisting customers with placing an order over the phone, shipping issues, customer satisfaction concerns, and communicating across departments to improve the customer experience.

Some shipping issues include contacting carriers to check the status on shipments or to file a claim for lost packages.


  • Answering customer questions via phone and online tickets
  • Assisting in product revisions
  • Data entry
  • Processing returns
  • Credit card fraud checks
  • Assisting with shipping or customer satisfaction troubleshooting
  • Improving customer experience


  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Minimum basic spreadsheet knowledge
  • Customer Service Experience

Preferred Requirements

  • Previous phone support experience
  • Previous online support experience
  • Knowledge of dietary supplements or nootropics


  • PTO accrued at 0.0385 hours per hour worked
  • Health, Dental, and Vision (eligible if averaging at least 30 hours weekly)
  • Prorated holiday pay based on hours worked
  • At cost employee discount on all products
  • Competitive pay

Why Work for Powder City?

Powder City is the leader in the bulk dietary supplements market. We keep our competitive edge by striving to be a low cost leader while ensuring quality standards through third-party and in-house product testing.

With our recent expansion into encapsulated products and premixed powders, such as pre workout powders, we seek to continue our disruption of the dietary supplement market.

As a small yet growing company, Powder City has a relaxed dress code and less formalities than a larger business. We have an open office environment and encourage collaboration among employees.

With around forty employees, our size is such that we can provide employees with benefits and pay that compete with much larger companies.

To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter along with answers to the questions below to with 'Customer Service Representative Position' in the subject.

  1. Do you have phone support experience?
  2. Are you able to work Sundays?


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